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William struggled vainly to escape. Each time the ropes that tied him to the chair cut deeper into his wrists and ankles. His long journey to find the antidote for the poison inside him had tired him out. He had finally gulped down the last sip when he had been captured. The door creaked open as his nemesis strolled into the room. "You fell for my trap, William." He smirked running his rough hands over the back of the chair and bending down to whisper in William's ear. "It's the old; villain secretly gives the hero poison in his drink when they are having a friendly dinner. The villain taunts the hero with a vile which holds the antidote and the hero manages to find it in the end. But! This time there is a trick. For you see, William, the 'antidote' you just drank was the actual poison. You have twenty four hours to live." William stared in dismay as his worst enemy took a small vile, with a picture of a dragon on it, out of his pocket. “You can’t do this, Drache!” mumbled William through the handkerchief that was tied over his mouth. “Oh, but I can.” sniggered Drache, placing the vile on the table in front of William before he left the room with a slam of the door. William struggled around to reach into his pocket to find his whistle. He managed to get it into his mouth and blow it to make the silent sound that only his pet could hear. Suddenly Drache came running back into the room being chased by William’s faithful pet, Falcon.  Drache had three scratched on his head which were bleeding heavily. Falcon swooped down and used his razor sharp talons to cut the ropes that were holding William. Drache lunged towards the vile, which was still on the table, but before he could get it, Falcon swooped down and carried the vile out the door. Drache crashed into the table and William took this as his chance to escape. He ran out the door and past Drache’s men. Behind him he could hear Drache yelling at his men in German. ###### Sie ihm!” William heard the sound of many footsteps behind him but he kept on running until he was out the door. William stared at his surroundings. A lush green forest was before him. William was knocked out on his journey after he was captured and never saw where he was going. He spotted Falcon up in a tree and called him down. “Da ist er!” William turned around to see Drache’s men coming out of the door. William ran into the forest and hid in a bush were he could be out of view but still see the men. They stopped at the edge of the forest for a moment before they retreated back into the building, casting scared looks at the forest as they went. William suddenly felt as though all his life was draining from him and he collapsed into the ground. A weight landed in his lap as Falcon flew over him. William quickly sat up and opened the small vile. Within a couple of seconds, the content of the vile was all gone. William held the vile up to the light to examine the dragon. As William sat there, he felt his energy returning. William stood up and held out his hand for Falcon to sit on. He slowly stroked Falcon’s feathers in though. Why were they so scared of the forest? Should I be scared too? William was too tired from his journey to find the fake antidote. He decided to make a shelter. Williamlooked around at all the materials he could use. These plants are huge! They’re like mutants! “At least their giant leaves will make a good shelter.” William mumbled to Falcon. Falcon flew away in search of more materials as William set to work. William was almost done when Falcon came back with some vines. “Thankyou Falcon!” William gratefully took the vines from his pet’s talons. “These will do nicely.” Falcon flew up into a tree and sat there looking quite pleased with himself. When William was done, he called Falcon into the shelter. William had made a small perch for Falcon to sleep on. “I don’t want you outside,” whispered William, “We don’t know what could be out there.” Falcon let out a squawk of agreement and flew over to the perch. William settled down in his nest of leaves and listened to the noises of the forest. It was strange. There weren’t many noises. Suddenly, William heard what he thought were footsteps of a tiny insect crawling into the shelter. Oh no! Thought William,  I hope it isn’t poisonous. William stood up and looked around. It was getting dark so he couldn’t see that well but he saw what he though was a tiny person. No, though William, it can’t be. Being captured has made me go crazy. All of a sudden, William felt a sharp pain in his arm and a flash of light. He looked over to Falcon.... TO BE CONTINUED

I am very bad at remembering things about charries so please forgive me if I ask about something that I should know about your charrie smile

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