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In the City chapter 1

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Posted over 3 years ago
One day In Springfield, there was a family. A family that had a farm with a garden. that Family was the Tanners. When Michelle walked upstairs to her room, she realized that all her stuff in her room was gone.
''Where did all my stuff go?'' Michelle asked Politely. "all of your stuff is packed. we are moving to a big mansion." Victoria Said.  "But, i like this place. It's where i grew up." Michelle said.  "But Mr. Kevin said that we had to live in this place for 1 year. " the mom said.
"Let's go kids". Mom said. *drives to new house*. "This is your new home." Mom said. "Woah! an indoor pool? Nice. I want it in my room". Victoria said. "why indoor pool? and your crazy!" Lilly said. Lilly wants that Indoor Pool in her room.
Her room is a 14X17. Victoria's room is a 17X14. and Michelle's room is a 20X10. "ok kids! Michelle gets the indoor pool." Mom said.
"Kids! we moved to Hollywood, Florida." Mom and dad said. "Springfield had the least population in Florida. Hollywood Has A Hot Tub company and a red carpet." Victoria Said. "i like Hollywood." Michelle said. The family likes their new house.

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