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(This series is based on the first season of ABC's Whondunnit.)


Congratulations!  You have earned a trip to the famous Phantom Manor.  As you may have known, Artemis Phantom is a young earl who lost his parents to a fatal fire.  As he has gotten over it, he has invited thirteen of you to join him in a thirteen day & night stay.
Sincerely yours,
Sebastian Fowl
The Phantom Manor Butler

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Story #1- High Voltage

Chapter One

Point of View- Kam

Kam here.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I was invited to Phantom Manor, but I feel sorry for the young earl.

Back to the story.

So, Sebastian was right, there were twelve others, excluding me.  I wonder, why thirteen guests?

Oh well.

All of us were greeted by Sebastian & Artemis.

I guess Sebastian was a good looking fellow.  Black hair that reaches his shoulders, creepy red eyes, a fair complexion, & the typical butler uniform.

Artemis was as good looking.  He looked like any young British earl.  Black hair, blue...eye?  Erm, he has a eyepatch on his right eye.  I think that came from the fire?  I won't ask.  I am just that polite.

Something tells me they could creep all of us out.

"Good morning," the young earl greeted with a gentle smile.  "I am Artemis Phantom & next to me is my butler, Sebastian.  Now that we have gotten acquainted, how about you all get acquainted with each other?"  The two left the room.

That was...strange?  Creepy?  I have no idea.

Well, yeah, I got acquainted with everyone.

Sheri.  Blonde hair, 28, ex-cheerleader, from LA. She entertained us with a rather breif cheer, which I found amusing.

Dontae.  Shaved head, 27, insurance investigator, from Long Beach, California.  He seems kind.  I guess we can get along.

Adrianna.  Age 40, long brown hair, television crime reporter, from Oklahoma...both the city & the state.

Don.  Age 62, gray hair & moustache, ex-homicide detective, from Santa,  California.  Sheesh, how many people are from California?

Ulysses.  He seems likeable.  I like him name.  Age 30, attorney, from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Sasha.  Age 28, journalist, from D.C.  She acted bratty towards me.  I didn't do anything!!!

Dana.  39, cardiac nurse, Asheville, North Carolina.

Geno.  I hate that guy.  He hates me right back.  Ulysses literately had to stop us from staring angrily at each other.  33, trivia host, Chicago, Illinois.

Ronnie.  42, bounty hunter, Kenilworth, New Jersey.

Melina.  28, flight attendant, Chicago, Illinois.

Lindsey.  27, engineer, Boston, Massachusetts.

Cristina aka Cris.  27, beauty queen, Costa Mesa, California.

Great, I am the only New Yorker.  True New Yorker.

After the greetings, we decided to explore the manor.

I thought I was going to be lost until I found my room.  I decided to be there & read.

Then there was the crash.

All of us rushed to the source of the crash.  The boys stared, "shocked," while the girls screamed in "shock."

Sheri was cheering for the broken fish tank in the foyer, with exposed wires from a nearby lamp...electrifying her dead body.

It was, indeed, a shocking sight.

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Chapter Two

Point of View- Kam

Sebastian & Artemis ran over.  Artemis's face paled.  "It has happened..."

Say what?

Artemis sighed.  "Sheri, is indeed dead."  Gasp!  "I have expected this to happen."

Are you the killer, Artemis?

"The killer is among us."  Double gasp!  "Sebastian, read the note."

Sebastian took out a note & it read:
"Dear Mortals,"  What the?  "It seems like one of your dear acquaintances have been killed.  Now, do you have the guts to find out what happened & to eventually find me?  You must.  Otherwise, I will kill the young earl & his butler."

Creepy.  Artemis turned paler & Sebastian paled.

"Sincerely, your killer."

Murmurs erupted through the crowd.

Artemis spoke up, regaining colour.  "I know this may worry you.  Now, whoever catches the person who causes these absurd crimes will be rewarded $250,000."

Money equals more murmurs among the crowd.

"Now, you will be lead to three sites.  The crime scene, which is the foyer.  The morgue-"

WAIT, SAY WHAT?!?!  They have a morgue?!?!  This is too creepy.

"Where Sheri's body may be examined.  Lastly, the last known whereabouts, which is Sheri's room.  Now, who would like to go to the crime scene?"

Four people raised their hands.  They were Dontae, Adrianna, Don, & Ulysses.

Artemis nodded to a maid, who lead the four into the crime scene.

"Who would like to go to the morgue?"

Sasha, Cris, Geno, Ronnie.  These people have guts!  I hope they don't have to see any.  Artemis nodded to another maid, who lead them to the morgue.

"The rest of you will go to the last known whereabouts."

The rest of us were Dana, Melina, Lindsey, & yours truly.  Artemis nodded to Sebastian & we followed him.

This is all to creepy...

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Chapter 3

Point of View- Ulysses

Ulysses here.

You already met Kam.  I like his sarcasm, but he is not exactly the gentleman...

No offence, buddy.

Back to my point.

As you know, I decided to go to the crime scene, aka, the foyer.

First thing we saw was a broken fish tank.  I wonder.  What could have possibly broke the fish tank?

Don started to look around.  "Look here," he said.  Dontae, Adrianna, & I ran over to where he was.

Severed lamp wire.

You do not want to touch that...especially since water has been all over the place.

Well, as far as I know, somehow, lamp wire was cut & then the tank somehow broke, shocking Sheri.

How, though?

I looked over & saw something.


I winced.  Blood does not make me comfortable, but I have to deal with it to not only protect the earl, but get the money.

I then remembered that where the blood is was also the same spot where Sheri head was...

So, Sheri somehow got a blow to the head, perhaps killing her & maybe causing her to bump into the fish tank to make it go boom.

That is, before the killer cut the lamp wire.

One thing, though.

How did she get hit in the head?  Why was she in the foyer in the first place?

So many questions, & only so many answers.

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Chapter 4

Point of View- Cris

Cris here.

You already met Kam & Ulysses.  You will realize our connection sooner or later in the story.

Back to the morgue.

We followed the maid back to the morgue.

Truth be told, I did not want to go to the morgue.  Something told me to go there, though.

So, I followed my instinct.

Sheri's body laid lifeless, covered in a cloth.

We immediately noticed the glasses on her forehead.  Ouch!  What would have caused that....

Sasha went over to Sheri & slowly & carefully turned her over.  Her eyes widened.  That told all of us to head to her.

At the back of Sheri's neck was blood.

There was something in the wound though...

Geno got a pair of tweezers & took it out.


Anyway, what was in there?  A pellet.  I swear, if we were cartoon characters, we would have question marks hanging over our heads.  I wonder...

"Maybe it was a musket bullet," I suggested.  Everyone nodded.  Ronnie stared at me rather strangely.

Did he think that I am the killer?  Well, excuse me!

Now, I have a few questions.

Where did the glass on Sheri's forehead come from?  Plus, how did the musket bullet, or whatever it was, ended up in Sheri's neck?

So many questions...

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