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Posted almost 4 years ago

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(I really hope I don't spoil my story doing this.)

The night air was cool, the cloudy sky insinuating that heavy rain fall was imminent. The two heroes stood at a stand off. Both of them suffer damage. Both of them had several cuts with bruises and torn fabric to match. 

The rain started to pour as they stood, staring at each other catching their breath, "Why?! We trusted you," the girl cried.

"I have my reasons," the boy answered back coldly.

You could see clear pain on the girls face from the answer, her face changing as she charged at him, powers ready. Tears were streaming down her face as she practically flew toward the boy. She didn't want to do this. But she had to.

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Posted almost 4 years ago

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I wipe the condensation off the windows, staring out into the distance, a sky hidden beneath grey clouds.

Posted almost 4 years ago

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"Bearkitty1" wrote:

The barber store Wink


My name is Herbert Jonathan Moore 

I run the brand new barber store

At which I'll cut and cut some more;

I assure you, we've got haircuts galore!


We've got Mohawks, fro-hawks, nice long bangs

Afros, french twists and crowning braids.

Beehives, bob-cuts, bowl-cuts too,

Come in to see what we can do to you!

We'll dye your hair,

Just give it some flair,

Or cover you with gummy bears!

We'll make your locks look like a spider,

Or add some hairspray- make it wider.


So if you're in need of a new barber store

Just ask for Herbert Jonathan Moore

I'll cut your hair, then cut some more

I'll provide you with haircuts galore!


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The soft winter breeze and the street lights that illuminated the snow on the ground. Everything was covered in a white soft sugar powder. More of the crystals fell gently onto the Earth. Looking up at the gray clouds in the night, it falls softly on the girls face. Her skin matched the snow and her eyes were darker than the night. Her long purple coat with white puffy feathers surrounded the edges of her coat. It flutter close to her ankles. Her white stockings blended with the ground and her purple boots hid in the white, cold blanket. The girl stood about 137 centimeters and she continued to look aimlessly at the sky. No pedestrians or bystanders lingered around this silent night, and the only sound was the soft wind, whistling. 
Within the moments of silence, a drop of Crimson red tainted the pure white snow. More droplets fell. The snow once falling from the sky was interrupted by a geyser of blood. Soon, everything was tainted in red. The girl's mouth had streaks of red and lumps of rotten meat around her face. A thud could be heard beside her, and the sound increased. Finally, the mysterious objects ceased and identify. The little girl standing alone, used her beautiful purple coat to wipe the blood off her face and smiled.
The scene was finally brought to life. You want to know why there was no one around? Why there was so much blood and lifeless bodies? She turned to face the only person alive to answer, with dark red pupils staring at the poor witness of her slaughters. 
"I was hungry and it was the only thing that could suppress my hunger." She answered in an innocent tone as a tear escaped her eye.

I just wrote this so forgive me if it's no good.

"Death is terrible for anyone. Young or old, good or evil, it's all the same. Death is impartial. There is no especially terrible death. That's why death is so fearsome. Your deeds, your age, your personality, your wealth, your beauty: they are all meaningless in the face of death."
"Death treats everyone equally." - Sunako Kirishiki
- Sunako Kirishiki

Posted almost 4 years ago

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Here's some random different short stuff I wrote you don't have to read it cause it probably isn't that interesting. >.<

The hot coffee warmed my mind, calming me. I thought of when we watched the stars last night. Was she thinking of that too? She picked up a pen and put it in her ear, to match what she wore every day. Sometimes I envy her. I looked out the window and saw the park. The frame of  the window was rusty, and a strand of cat hairs mixed in with it. I turned to her, and saw the fear in her eyes.

Mud bubbled and spat. I tried not to look, but it's bright color grabbed my eyes and made me glare at it. I knew he would do it, but before 3 hours ago, I didn't even believe in magic.

Matt fell against the bars. I flinched, but tried not to show weakness. When will he finish? Matt looked at me, blood spilling out of his mouth and nose. I realized I wasn't breathing for a while, so I sighed and looked away from Matt. That's when I heard the click of a gun.

"Table for thirteen, please." Oh, that's how many. I looked at Cindy. She seemed surprised that we were actually going to this. I watched as a few waiters pushed some tables together. "Good thing Tina isn't here, she'd ruin everything." I frowned, a little offended. It didn't matter who said that, I turned around and began yelling.

Our call ended with a bang. I didn't know if I should hang up or listen to the endless beep indicating that the one who shot the gun had hung up. After a long moment, I hung up. "Who was that?" I looked at my father, and said, "Wrong number." He frowned. "Are you sure you don't want to call him back?" Father was listening in on my side of the conversation.

I loved flying. But after what happened today, I don't think I'll ever do it again. Earlier this morning, I was finishing up packing for a flight to Lawrence, Kansas. The phone rang and I rushed to pick it up. "Hello?" I said, as I put the phone to my ear and used both my hands to zip up a suitcase. "...Hello?" I heard quiet breathing. "You will die in that plane." The line went dead.

Pat straightened another picture frame. I looked at him. "You need to calm down. He will agree to the terms and he will sign it." I assured him. He seemed skeptical. "How can you be so sure? Daren's really hard to persuade; he'll never agree!" I sighed. This deal may be hard, but it will keep our worst enemy down.

Grace looked around the room. She enjoyed the pictures. But she didn't know all about dragons, so she looked at me and said, "Do all dragons breathe fire?" I smiled and opened a dragon book. "Not all." I replied and flipped through the pages. "What about this one?" She stopped me at one page and took the book. "That's the Chinese Dragon God. Ancient China worshipped dragons, and this one was the big boss. Doesn't breathe fire, or water...no element you'd think of." She thought and tried to prove me wrong. "Lightning?" I shook my head. "What?" She had already given up. "Life and Death."

I woke up sitting at a table. Other people sat around me, some awake, some asleep, or dead. "What happened?" I asked someone. "Same for everyone. Went to bed last night, woke up in a chair." I frowned and said, "Why do you suppose we're all here?" He sighed and said, "I only know what I've been told." I looked at the table and saw cups of water in front of everyone. "And what's that?" The man took a sip and said, "Don't ask questions."

I unlocked the door and turned on the computer. I plugged in the hard drive, in a hurry. It was loading too slow. The phone rang and I picked it up. "Did you download the hard drive?" I looked at the screen. It had an error. I hesitated and said, "The hard drive crashed." I heard silence on the other end. Then, "I warned you." I sighed and said, "I'm sorry I didn't believe yo-" The line went dead.

"So we won't get recognized?" I asked him, hoping we won't get caught. If so, that's the end for me. "No, its not big enough to catch the news' attention." I sighed from relief. "So its not like its on TV, right?" He shrugged and said, "Not much is, kid." Don't call me kid. I'm 17. I didn't say that to him, he'd probably beat me to a pulp, especially since he's upset about the incident.

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