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''If they saw it my way'' by BeattieB

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The sea was slowly drifting from rock to rock, country to country, unlike ‘The Captains Queen’ - the ship that had disappeared three years ago. Nobody knew how or knew why it went…. The only thing that anybody knew was that they were pirates. Not like pirates were bad, not then anyway. Well then - of course pirates were heroes, not the villains ready to steal gold away from the soldiers who needed to sail oceans to get it back. It was nearly the other way round then…
No one believed me, not even my own family, or friends. They even sent me to a doctor, shrieking I had gone mad. At the time I just thought they would know. They would get it. But now I understand, who would believe someone like me… What made me special? Maybe it is like the movies, but the only catch is that I can never go back in time to show them what really happened.
It was a warm, July morning and I had just woken up. Excited as I was, I could not be bothered to get up. As well as it being the first day of the summer holidays, it was BBQ day. All the family friends come round and chat - have a BBQ and so on. We always had it on that exact date, so it was a coincidence that it was the first day of the summer holidays too. BBQ day was sort of a holiday for our family, we would get each other presents and bring party hats and everything. Once I even got a t-e-x-t m-e-s-s-a-g-e from my friend saying ‘’Do you want to go shopping?’’ and you can feel the embarrassment when you realise you have just sent back a message saying ‘’Have you forgotten? It’s BBQ day!’’
Oh, I forgot, I am Marianne, 15 years old and counting – I used to have blonde hair, but it has gone brown. I used to have blue eyes, now they are grey. It only happened a few days ago. But back to the story.
So, I got out my phone. I was not the sort of person who got addicted to that sort of thing, I have to turn my head when I see other people my age t-e-x-t-ing all the time. Quite a few times I have to snap my friends out of it too but they are not too bad.
Anyway, I looked at the time. 10:02. That was fine, summer holidays – early mornings? No way. But as soon as I heard my dad shouting my name from downstairs I remembered. On BBQ day no time was wasted, every minute, every second was for preparation. Doing my best to be quick, I slid on my favourite jacket and bounced downstairs.
My small puppy waited for me at the bottom of the stairs, not like she was patient. She was barking and trying to jump over the medium sized pillow we carefully placed over the step. Of course she could not even get past a fly – she was a pug. I’d never heard of a monstrous pug knocking people over. (I’m not assuming that a fly is a person by the way).
I stumbled over the pillow at the bottom of the stairs and silently asked myself, why is that there!


When wish upon a star.....

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