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August 2013

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Posted over 2 years ago
Fire burning 
Devil laughing
As I scream in pain
My bones burns turn hot
My skin melts off
Demons scoff
And make me bleed
As the devil plants his seed
He plants it in my mind
Now ruined before it's prime
I beg for it's cooling touch
Yet the devil doesn't care very much
The fire is burning
Burning me whole
This is forever torment
For an evil soul


Poetry... Save my soul.

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July 2013

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Posted over 2 years ago
my little deceiving eyes travel past my evil laugh, as I tremble through what he put me through. He melts away me eyes as they crash onto my feet, as they disappear in the sand. The fire burns off my flesh, as I scream in pain. The angels all above, have never forgave. The patriotic suggestion has blew me away from home.. now here I am, standing in front of your dorm.. waiting to kill Devil  

"This is a modern fairy tale. No happy endings, no wind in our sail."

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