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OMG wanna post poetry/stories? Post here! ^_^

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This is where you can really show your passion for writing! I LOVE to write! I'll be posting stories and poetry here, too. See you here. ^_^


Posted over 4 years ago

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PART 1 Of What Happened in Theatre (This is real x3) Yesterday was the best, I almost died. We had theatre class, and Nolan was my partner. We planned for 6 months and today was the day. He followed me to my classes in a cloak(It was cool xD), top hat, and biker boots. Girls were drooling xD. I mentioned our plan to my teachers and principal two weeks prior(When it was still summer T-T). I stared at everyone in 1st Hour. Then I turned to Flattum(Mr. Sporty, cocky, ###### 'gentlemen'.) I was like, Flattum, would you like to be apart of a play? I'll give you $50 afterwards." (My poor money T-T) Flattum turned deep red. "S-sure." I stared him down xD he never blushes xD MWAHAHAHHA Then I turned to Adrian. He had a smooth complexion and marble brown eyes. "Adriannnnnnnnnn, how about youuuuuu? Then I batted my eyes(Good god, why did I do that xD) It worked xD, he blushed madly. "O-oh of course!!!" I giggled loudly but Nolan poked me on the shoulder. "Marcy, focus." Mr. Erdman didn't question Nolan, just stared at his, in my opinion, beautiful attire. PART 2 COMING SOON! ^-^ -Marcy the Jaw Collector-

What is heart? Will i find it there? If i crush your skull? Can it be seen if i rip open this chest of yours? As if....You humans speak of it so casually. Oh. I see. So this is it. This thing in the palm of my hand...is Heart. -Ulquiorra

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