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Well, my friend jake01 has gotten me into ArmA. It's awesome!! :3
Anyway, he asked me to write a report, so here it is! All the details won't be there, jake01's report will be MUCH better than this, but I tried. I was tired so I don't remember it all, but it was still fun! Big Grin

Reporting what happened on ArmA for jake01 ~

 Here’s the report you requested, jake01, sorry it lacks detail and interest… I don’t exactly recall everything.

It was on a runway ship in the middle of the ocean where it started.  I was with two other guys waiting for jake01 to arrive in the heli to take us to where we needed to go.

Once jake01 was over head, I helped direct him to a safe landing spot. He landed beautifully. We loaded up.

I sat as left gunner as jake01 piloted,  one guy  took the right gunner position while the other jumped into the water after a long rebellion to load into the aircraft. His insane reasons for jumping are unknown.

Once up in the air we spotted an enemy heli, jake01 took out the enemy quickly. Big explosion.

Now we reached our destination and landed. We gained support from Titan. They were a big help with their tanks.

After getting help we moved on and found the first position the enemies were. Jake01 and I took cover behind a fence, I had 4 kills. Titan drove along and fought in the town street. The other member’s whereabouts are / were unknown to me.

We had to chase down some enemies attempting to flee. Once we took care of them all, we began to progress again. Jake01 had me check the distance with my binoculars. Cows in the distance for whatever reason…

We had a bit of a dispute on the way, I don’t really remember, but we made it through.

We made it to another town area, it was clear. Besides the chickens… jake01 got a, what I think to be, a missile launching vehicle and drove; I sat where I could shoot the missiles if wanted, I didn’t. Once we stopped and I got out, jake01 got in the gunner seat and shot up some buildings with them.

From here we walked on foot to the next town area where we were more than outnumbered at! We held our own well until the enemy snuck up on us. Jake01 was shot and killed… After that, I may have been hit, but I can’t be for sure due to the server crash.

And that was the end. We didn’t fail, but we didn’t success. We’ll see what happens next mission!


I had a lot of fun again! Jake01 was great, learned a lot from just watching him control his character ~ I thank jake01 for teaching me how to play, I’m still learning, but I will do my best. :3 He’s a wonderful teacher! Thank you again!


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 I've been wanting to play Arma for awhile...but my Computer can't handle it.
I watch gameplays tho.

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arma 2 is such a great game

getting 3 whenever it comes out of beta stage :^)

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