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Ever since I was little I would see people doing stuff to make them self more appealing to the eye. Although it seemed to hurt them, like waxing eye brows, hot iron on their hair, getting ears peirced(aand other areas...?), brushing hair, going on diets (or starving themselves) and so many more. I always thought as a young girl that this was crazy! (You see when you are born you are given a gift....something called LOGIC. Yet, somehow this logic fades away as you are older and by the time your a teen most of the logic is no longer there...instead your body is filled with hormones...-_-. You have to re-teach yourself logic in college or graduate school in order to get a diploma.) As a child my thoughts have always made sense to me but my teenage sister never agreed. Why is it that people hurt themselves to become "beautiful", when beauty comes from the inside? LOGIC! And yes I could see why a child understands things differently then a teenager. In fact people say that there is a huge difference between 4-12 year olds and 13-17 year olds when in fact it is just a number that labels how long you have been on earth. So why is it that people hurt themselves to get what you call beauty, you ask? I blame society! Welcome to society, where you will be judged on what you wear, look like, can afford, what you do and who you hang out with....enjoy your stay.

I could walk but I dance, I could talk but I sing, I could smile but I laugh and I could think but I dream.


Four a thought in my head I have three things two words five people going ONE

be yourself...never let someone change u!!!

:P making these faces are addicting :P smile Big Grin Frustrated Wink Tongue

Posted over 4 years ago

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I agree with all you said. It's so true!  

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