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Post any Blood Curtaling Story...

Celebs cartoon
Posted over 4 years ago

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Here you have space to post Blood curtailing Halloween stories or just creepy stories in general.
(ones that will have whoever reads it up all night)
Make sure there not to long. 


Kill it with kindness

To the friends i have that reperesent this.

Posted over 4 years ago

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One stormy night a mother was reading bedtime stories to her young daughter. She read, little red riding hood, Little miss , Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretel and Alice in wonderland. After each story lightning would crash, but after the last story lightning hit the house and something went wrong. Her daughter diapered and the home was flipped. In the corner of her eye she saw a spinning tunnel, curious the lady walked in the tunnel. This took her to a new world...she was in the forest and there in front of her was a wolf and some old lady dead on the ground. Little red riding hood tapped her on the shoulder and said..."Wheres granny." Over and over and over. Then little red looked down seeing the old lady dead her fangs peaked out and she attacked the wolf. The lady was a little weirded out, but was completely afraid when the dead old grandma grabbed her leg. Then ran through the forest to see she was caught in a spider web...and as the looked a round there were bodies wrapped in silk hanging from a spider web and a little girl sitting on a tuffet sundenly little miss screamed "look lunch." A three foot spider popped out of no where and started wrapping the lady in silk when a boy started to scream and move and run the spider turned around and started attacking it. The lady ran away as fast as she could into this building which looked almost like a woodshop. Inside there were puppets and dolls and gepetto working on his master piece. Suddely lightning flashed everything came to like attacking the lady and gepetto were being attacked by dolls and puppets. One bear was stabbing itself and screaming "your next"... the lady wacked a doll in the head and it fell over knoking the rest away. She ran out of the place and through the forest. There was a sweet little home with candy and cookies on the the inside two zombie twins Hansel and Gretel waiting to eat anything in their path...they pushed the old hag witch into the oven and grabbed the lady. Who screamed and ran right out of the house...into this little cottage. In the cottage there were piles of broken glass and a dwarf sleeping on his chair. He screamed who goes there and suddenly both the lady and him screamed! Snow white was loooking in a mirror she looked beautiful in her refection...but she turned around and her face was melted...the dwarf grabbed the lady and pushed her outside both of them ran away. They walked into this portal  which took them to a party a crazy tea party the mad hatter and alice were siting at the table throwing glasses screaming and running around and acting all crazy...the white rabit late as usual ran in but his face was was all blood and skull. He started chasing the lady and dwaf around...and the lady ran out into what she thought was a book page. In the corner of a book sat her daughter playing with a bear... screaming "they're here." and a man peaked out of a page with a chain saw chaising the lady out...the little girl screamed "wait wait take me with you!!!" And the lay woke up in a rocking chair in the little girl's room...but it was filled with every character she had met.. and they attacked her to death

I could walk but I dance, I could talk but I sing, I could smile but I laugh and I could think but I dream.


Four a thought in my head I have three things two words five people going ONE

be yourself...never let someone change u!!!

:P making these faces are addicting :P smile Big Grin Frustrated Wink Tongue

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