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ticks and stones may break bones, but so do words

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QTpie14_2423416 Lock
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March 2013

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Posted about 3 years ago
“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” This saying was first said in the year of 1862.  Many people would think it is true but if you ask any bullied victim, they would say the opposite. Any type of bullying is wrong and painful. Physical bullying increases in Elementary, peaks in Middle school and declines in High school. Verbal bullying is always an issue in every level of school.
Ask yourself these few questions to find out if you ever bullied someone unintentionally.  Have you ever put someone down by saying you hate his or her clothes? Have you every pushed someone out of your way without thinking to say excuse me? Have ever talked behind someone’s back about what they look like or talk like? You may not believe it but these all hurt people, these are forms of bullying. Most people will say out of all people to talk about bullying why you, you are homeschooled? I used to be part of public schooling; I knew what it was like to be bullied. I am now going to make you know too.
We are going to step into someone else’s shoes, Audrey Rose is 10 years old and has just started 5th grade in a new school. She has blue eyes, brown hair, freckles and a beautiful smile. She was excited to make new friends but scared to know what kids would think about her.
On her first day of school Aubrey walks to the front of the school, there she saw another little girl all alone on a bench. Aubrey decided to sit down next to her they shared names and talked until the first bell rang. Aubrey had made a friend, her name was Lauren, Aubrey and Lauren grew to become best friends. They did almost every thing together, swimming, going to the park, sleepovers and many other things. Anne, another 5th grader who was also new to the school, did not have any friends, and it had been a month since her first day. Anne had felt jealous and upset with the lack of attention so she started to make fun of Aubrey and Lauren. This turned into an every day thing, and Anne continued to pick on the girls. Aubrey would come home crying each day, she would practically cry herself to sleep. Most of her bullying was verbal but still the pain she felt was real.
The bullying was so bad that it continued into middle school, but Aubrey and Lauren were hesitant to tell anyone what was going on. Anne kept on labeling these girls "Fat, ugly, mean, no one cares, you should go back to the dump, go kill yourself, you should have never been born!" These words would go through the girl’s minds every moment of their life. One day Aubrey finally told the Principal of the school, who took matter into his hands...but for Lauren it was too much pain, she ended up just giving up her life because she hurt so bad. See, many bullies don’t seem to see the damage they do until something really, really, really, bad happens. Aubrey Rose stopped Anne from bullying but by that time it was to late. Aubrey can never forgive Anne for what she has caused, Lauren’s life is much more important than words. Anne must live with the fact that she has caused someone so much pain that they chose to end their life rather than stand up to a bully.
You can help end this horrifying madness that happens everyday. 1 in 7 kids in North America are bullied or bullies, 1 in 4 teachers do nothing about the bullying issue but watch it happen. 160,000 kids skip going to school because of bullying and 1 of 10 kids drop out before they finish. Most bullies bully to get attention and are usually jealous of their victims. Now ask your self, will I ever bully someone? The answer should be no, because sticks and stones may break bones, but so do words. If you every see or are being bullied tell a responsible adult.

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February 2007

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Posted about 3 years ago
Thank you for posting this QT 

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