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Lonely? That's an understatement of how I feel.

After my mother died in a car accident, things were pretty bad. My brother started acting up in school. I started feeling myself slipping farther and farther away from reality. My mother was not gone. I refused to believe it.

My father had always been the level-headed one. His hope that things would get better never seemed to falter. Even without my mother's income, we made ends meet. He always kept faith. He kept his sanity for the sake of ours. I never saw him cry, not once.

He was perfectly fine. But a person can only hold back things for so long.

One day, my father had locked himself in our house while my little brother and I were at school. 

He had lost it and blew his brains out with one of our firearms. 

My brother and I were, once again, shocked and dismayed. Within a span of 3 months we had become orphans. I, being 3 years older at 15, was all he had. The police decided it would be best to put us in a mental hospital to help us avoid our father's fate. They said during this time, they would work out our living situation.

So here we are now, my brother and I, at "Hollyreed Pediatric Specialist Center."

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This is... different from what I normally read, but interesting nonetheless.


Still not a signature, huh?

I have Ligyrophobia, which is the fear of loud noises.

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~Part 1~ 

I woke up and felt the warm sun as it washed over my face. It's supposed to feel nice, but the emptiness inside of me makes everything numb. I turned over in annoyance and squeezed my eyes shut.

And just as I started to drift off, there was a knock on my door. 

"Breakfast in 30 minutes!" the voice said. "Please start waking up."

I sat up slowly and looked over to my brother, who was still laying down. 

"Lan," I say gently, "time to get up." Landon was always slow at waking up. He wasn't a morning person. I was a morning person, before the accident, of course.

My brother sighed and flicked the blankets off of himself, then sat up, rubbing underneath his dark blue eyes.

My brother and I have the same eyes. In fact, our faces are almost exact replicas of each other. Although he seems to have a stronger jaw line, giving him a more masculine appearance. Also, he has dark blond hair that covers all of his forehead and falls over his eyes. I have long, dark brown hair, like my mother once had.

He stood up, stretching. He was almost as tall as me, despite being 3 years younger. I knew he would grow up to be in the likeness of my father. And although I wasn't the tallest person around, he was still tall for his age.

"How'd you sleep, Lani?" he said, sleepily. My full name was Noelani, but it never seemed to fit my personality, so everyone called me by my nickname, Lani.

"Horribly. How else would it be?" I replied as I looked around the room. My brother and I were lucky to be alone in a room together, not paired with some strangers.

"It was the same way for me. Let's get going." he said, pulling on a hoodie over the t-shirt he slept in. I also put on a jacket and slipped on my sneakers.

We walked down to the nurses station where we waited in a line with all the other nutjobs. We waited for about 15 minutes before being paraded to the cafeteria for breakfast.

We eat the usual bland food. The eggs taste like cotton, the 'waffles' like cardboard. We choke it down then get 10 minutes to socialize. 

Landon and I, like usual, go to a group of people who also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Their names are Josh, Paige, Sara, Adam and Amanda. 

Although there was a new person in the group, and he looked at me with eyes filled with pain and hurt. And maybe even a little but of insanity.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Xander."


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"Visual Aid" wrote:

This is... different from what I normally read, but interesting nonetheless.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. 

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