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so I wrote this I am me poem I used my real name, Louise. Hope you like.

I am me

I am me, Louise I be.
I wonder what does the fox say
I hear wind whistling in my ear
I see Candy Land
I want to be an animator.
I am me, Louise I be

I pretend to be my roleplay characters
I feel sad about politics
I touch the keyboard
I worry about completing my homework
I cry when I see Justin Bieber's face
I am me, Louise I be

I understand what 2+2 is
I say moo
I dream about a crazy world called my thoughts
I try to beat video games
I hope that the world will have peace
I am me, Louise I be.


''If you can't be a pencil and write someone's happiness, then at least try to be an eraser and erase their sadness away''

Because I can, thats why.

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