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Lemonade Stand

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Posted almost 4 years ago
Ever since daddy died last year money has been a wreck and mama has been a mess. I have 5 brothers and sisters and its hard for mama to keep us full and healthy. I am 10 years old and I have 3 older siblings who are old enough to get a real job. You see everyone in the family is trying so hard to help mama although us younger ones just seem "to get in the way." At least that what my older brother Matthew who is 16 says. I want to help, but what can a 10 year old girl do? I was walking in the market one day to get what 10 cents could buy when i saw an empty stand that said have this stand for 5 cents. I immediately thought about the lemons that are growing on a tree my dad and I grew when I was just 5 years old. I wanted to sell lemonade, it would work well since it is quite hot here in Georgia. I went up to a man who was selling bread, veggies, meat and fruit half off. I asked "sir how much food can I get for 5 cents?" "For you?" He said "I give you the farmers basket." which was filled to the rim of a deep deep basket with everything he sold! I was amazed and pleased! I had said thank you and ran to a lady dressed in an amazing dress! "m'a'm may I have that stand right there?" "Why, yes you may for 5 cents." I handed her the money and she smiled...but seemed to stop when she saw my clothes. "Honey your clothing is trashed!" "come here to this little boutique and I will buy you 10 dresses." "Really!?" " yes, for you and if you have any siblings." " i have 5, two brothers and 3 sisters." "Than I shall buy dresses and suits for your siblings!" I was shocked I was suprized at how everyone treated me so nicely today!

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