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Miss Understood

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Member since:
November 2013

Posts: 231
Posted about 3 years ago
I feel like the world is against me,
I hate life,
It brings my soul down to diamond in the rough,

The judging eye,
It hurts to continue,
I can't take the pain,
That led to a living nightmare,
I am not perfection,
But please don't judge me for that,
Because no one is,
But when you realize,
That I am a reason,
Come back and show me,
You truly understand,

Yours truly,
Miss Understood


Do you even hear me?
I'm letting it all out.
Do you?
I'm worthless right?
A scoundrel, junk, nothing
A nobody in your eyes
You watch others who are stars
But I am just a nothing just floating on by
You teach you chatter, I listen I speak
But whatever
because I will be nothing with your help

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