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My sister's prayer

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Posted over 3 years ago
Every night my sister says the sweetest prayer (buddy, jojo, lulu, lucy, anabelle and rose are my sister's toys she named):

Dear Father,
Its nighttime, time to lay my head down on the pillow over there.
I love to talk with you because I can say anything.
Keep buddy, jojo, and lulu safe and warm.
Keep Lucy, anabelle and rose pretty and nice.
Keep My family loved and happy too.
Watch over my mommy and daddy
watch over Luke and Roland
And most of all watch over Lexa, for me because shes on the top bunk and I cant save her if something happens. (this part worries me now)
Keep me safe from the night and I love you.

I could walk but I dance, I could talk but I sing, I could smile but I laugh and I could think but I dream.


Four a thought in my head I have three things two words five people going ONE DIRECTION....smile

be yourself...never let someone change u!!!

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