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The Real Vocaloids: P1.

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Posted almost 4 years ago
One day' a girl entered a contest. It was a contest for getting a gift for the winner' whoever the winner was. I know it seemed like a nornal contest and all' but.. It wasn't. It was just a trick to get people to buy Vocaloids for no good reason. And it was bad. 
* * *
At that time' At that day' The same girl stood by the river thinking. "I don't even know why i entered this contest!!" She kicked a rock around while saying' "I DON'T EVEN WHAT A VOCALOID IS!!!!" The man who had helped her enter the contest came over to her. "Why' you don't what a Vocaloid is! There voice synthizers made to sing." He said with sparkles in his eyes. "They also are holograms and they sing and dance on the stage. You should know that! They're really popular! That's why you entered this contest' right?" "Whatever..." The girl muttered' still kicking the rock.
* * * *
Kareoke Contest! Day 1.
A girl named Alana stood up. She was singing Miku Miku Ni ##### Arugu. With one breath' she let it out' the singing in her voice. 
Everyone cheered. The audince clapped. All but me. I don't think i'm gonna win now.
* * * 
"NEXT UP: MIMI KIKU!" The audince clapped and cheered... For me. I felt a unexpected warmth of kindness run through my body' frowned' and shouted slienty. After that' I began to sing in a unexpected clear voice' 
The audince cheered loudly. I smiled' bowed' and felt the same warmth run my body again. But this time' i didn't complain. I just smiled even more.
Day 2. 
"Up last: ELIZA SMITH!" S-Smith.. That name seems familer..
Eliza smith began to sing in a beautiful voice. 
I smiled and started to clap. The audince looked surpised but clapped too.
Day 3- The Winners!
"In 3rd place is... ELIZA SMITH!" Eliza looked shocked. "3RD PLACE?!" She screeched and danced around like a monkey. "Y-Yes' Eliza." Then' the craziest thing happened. She started to scream "YESSSSS!!!!!!"' Gripped the trophey' and DASHED OUTSIDE. Everyone stared at the half-broken doors. The narator did a nervous laugh and said "In 2nd place is.. Alana Hearn!" Alana jumped down from the chair and ran to pick up her trophy. She smiled with plesure. "In 1ST PLACE IS... MIMI KIKU!!" I felt the warmth run through my body again' as i picked up the trophy' and said "ARIGATOU!" I ran outside with happiness flowing in all parts of my body.
Meanwhile outside with Mimi Kiku...
Suddenly' When i had ran all the way home' I felt the box shake then it started to float in the air! I gasped. "How.., what???" I thought. Then' there was a bright light. I corved my face. When i had opened my eyes' i saw... A girl. She was tilting her head' looking at me. I shook my head. "I'm having visions!" I thought. "It's not real!" Suddenly' the girl spoke up and said in a calm yet sweet voice, "I am real. I can read your thoughts' Random Girl." She giggled. "What's your name' then?# I gasped' then suddenly blacked out unexpendly.

"I wouldn't change my life. Because' I'm me. And me is me. That's the way I'd always want it."'

The New Mad/Evil Chris: P1: The Change In Chris.
Lately' over the years' their had been a change in Chris. What change? WHAT CHANGE?! He used to be mad' you! Whenever we got up now' he was mad because he had just got up. And I would always say to him..

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