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The truth about Heartbreak.

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What people tell you about being in love is that it's indescribable. That part is true.

Others say it's the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you. That part, is not true.

When you fall in love for the first time, nothing else matters. Nothing. You will risk everything and everyone to be with that person. It clouds your judgement and changes you until you become this other person. Maybe you turn into a better person, maybe you don't. But without realizing it, you become someone else. And the person you have created can't live in the world without them.

And then, when you loose the one you love, that person you have created breaks down and tears apart because he was your world and you feel like you can't live without them. You revolved your life around them and you can't remember the person you were before you had them.

And after this, you feel completely broken. You feel lonely and you need someone, so you seek affection in the wrong places. You want someone to hold you like he did, you want them to look at you the way he did. But you're never going to get it, and you know that. 

You start to push people away, you're angry all the time and you're sad all the time and eventually you loose all interest in what you used to love. Which is when you loose who you were completely. You can never go back to the person you were before.

Pain changes people into someone you would normally hate. And then you beat yourself up because you always judged those people who let a boy change them. And now you're one of them people.

That is what it's like when you have your heart broken. 

Advice? Don't fall in love.

I just don't like people.

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