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December 2013

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Posted over 2 years ago
my tears are blinding,
they slide down my face
leaving salty tracks behind,
searing my skin.
the tears burn me,
slicing me open,
keeping me raw
inside and out.
i wish that no one
gave me reason for
these white-hot flames,
blistering my skin; red.
why must they make me feel
this blinding, searing pain?
why must they inflict it on me?
why must i work hard to
clear them away,
when they burn my hands,
and return seconds later,
a waterfall of salty fire
down my raw, blind face.

Read it, and then read it again.
Listen and let the words move your soul.
Listen to what they say to your heart.
Listen and let them change your sight.
Listen to the words and let them change what you hear
Listen... Listen... Listen...

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