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End Of Series

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August, 2013
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I'm at almost the end of a 12-book series I'm writing and I'm starting to FREAK OUT.
I have a ton of questions. Confused
       First of all, should I include the wedding in my book or should I just say 'they got married' in the epilogue?  Worried
       Second, my main character Lily has this... problem. Called icosakaicatronrdeathitis (try to say THAT three times fast!!  Big Grin ). It basically means that it is likely she will die on her 23rd birthday. Frown But of course, she's not actually going to. smile She's going to be saved by a peacock (it's a long story Big Grin ). I stated this in the 10th book. I want to know, do you think readers might be mad  Mad  Disappointed or scared off by that?
       Third, what do I do when the series is done? Publish it? Freak out, Disappointed cry,  ;( and promise myself I'm never putting my self through THAT again? What else could I write?  Sad
      Finally, would a professional publishing house actually accept (or even read) something written by an 11-year-old girl? Confused Confused
Thanks for reading! smile Big Grin c: smile Big Grin Big Grin

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End Of Series

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February, 2012
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1. i guess it depends on how long you want the book O.o a wedding may be to long
2. nahh, they won't be scared off or mad, well i guess it depends on the person
3. that's up to you, maybe show it to friends and family and teachers first smile you don't have to push yourself to write something, take your time and let the words flow, if you like writing then write - if you don't then don't smile 
4. you can write about anything Big Grin 
5. of course they would accept and read a book by an eleven year old - age doesn't matter 

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End Of Series

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July, 2012
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My god, twelve books? You must be keeping yourself busy. I suppose I might not be of any help (we'll see in a minute), but if I am, should you request advice with anything else, I would be happy to comply. So, don't freak out, everything will be fine. Holly is here now. xD

1. Depending on the audience your stories are aimed at (eg.; romance/drama readers, fantasy readers, etc) and whether or not you plan on including any action or other relevant information in the wedding, I personally think the story would be far more interesting if you were to shorten the wedding to one small scene and continue from there.
2. In regards to the peacock rescuing your protagonist, I doubt that will scare any readers off, especially if they have already been loyally following your stories for ten books; as long as it can be taken seriously, this should interest readers. I would be happy to help further if you would give me more details on the idea.
3. When considering publication, first skim over everything you have written: undoubtedly you will find some details you want to change, or simply improve. The next thing I would suggest is that you share your stories with a family member, friend, or someone that is well versed in English; you are more likely to receive an honest and helpful opinion from someone close to you, so a family member might be best. You must not be discouraged if during your first attempts to publish, your work is rejected. There are millions of writers out there, and even the famous ones had to put in a lot of effort to succeed, including the author of Eragon, whose books were rejected more than once. It is entirely up to you in relation to what to do after publishing (you can write other novels, take a break, or begin working on a completely different subject), but remember, you don't have to rush anything! Writing should be something you do because you find it enjoyable, not a source of stress.
4. Age is irrelevant when it comes to publishing, as long as your work is good. Do you think a company would care if a two-year-old tried to get their writing published? The answer is - yes, if the work was a big squiggly line. But if they thought they would be putting their time into something worthwhile, and enjoyed the writing as much as they would from an adult author - no, they wouldn't care. The only difference is you would probably be especially famous, due to being so young, because that just makes it all the more impressive.

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