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Not sure how to get from Point A to Point L to Point Z

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I know what I want to happen. I have a beginning and an end. I have a problem, but no solution. 
Let me explain.
Ali is a shy 11 year old girl who's going to a school for spies. It's her first day and she meets a few girls: Her roommates, Faith and Claire, her friend Eva, Eva's roommates Ann, Deliah, and a boy named Taylor.
Now I'm stuck. I kind of have the plot of
"one of the kids is a mole (leaking info to the other side, basically) and they don't know who".
Then I have a subplot, the classic "Ali thinks she fell in love with Taylor but really he's just out to hurt people and then she falls in love with someone else".
And then the other subplot is "Ali is having trouble making friends because she's shy and Ann and Deliah are only pretending and Faith and Claire kind of like each other and she's really only got 3 friends"
and also another plot, "Claire's brother Christofer is in the military and she doesn't want him to die"
and then there's also "Faith has an eating disorder that she won't tell anyone about" and
"Ali wants independence."

Oh, and they are at school, spy school, so... yeah.
My problem is that I have no idea how to weave these together, how to say who's the mole, etc.

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Every writer has this problem. I have an idea of where I want to go but don't know how to get there. My advice is to utilize the fact that this is a spy school. Maybe include a major national security issue (terrorism, huge theft), and the children are sent on a mission on behalf of the government.

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These things always work out best when you have the ability to surprise the reader; don't make everything too obvious or it becomes boring. For example, the mole. You need to make it someone that no one thinks it will be. So, this is what I'm thinking. After having her heart broken by Taylor, Ali finds her vision is clouded by emotion and she begins to believe he is the mole, when really, he is just a jerk. In fact, the brother of the protagonist, one of the people she trusts most, is the mole; he's working for the military, but on the wrong side, and at some point, when his sister is out spying in search of the mole, she encounters him; the truth and betrayal unfolds.
Also, in my opinion, Faith's eating disorder is a small detail and doesn't serve much of a purpose to the story, so that would probably best be mentioned as a bit of drama on the side, whilst still focusing on the main plot.

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