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He watches her in the trees, as she rides her bike down the street.   His fur catches on a branch and his speed helps him escape.  As she turns a corner, he turns to his kind. 
"She's ready," He whispers.  "It's time to make her one of us."
Chapter 1-
I ride my bike home from school, and get this creepy feeling someone's watching me.  I turn, but only see the woods.
"Lilah.." Some thing calls. 
"The woods," I whisper, choking on my breath.  I drop my bike, and as if I'm hypnotized, I walk toward the voice, toward the hidden secrets.  I step on a thorn, and let out a cry of pain. "Ow!"  I rip it out, and the red thorn is now white.  I fall to the ground, light-headed and feel my eyes flash, like in a movie.  My nose stings, and feels swollen and swells like a balloon.  I pat it lightly, and feel a long, distinct snout.  "What's happening to me?!" I scream, and a flash of black darts behind a tree.  A big, brown eye stares at me, a fuzzy ear peeking out.  "Wolf," I whisper, as if it could understand me.  I scratch my head and feel soft fur, along with my now padded paws.  "I'm a wolf," I whisper.  The other wolf steps toward me and says, " Lilah." I take a step closer toward the black wolf.  "You can talk?" I ask.  He nods.  "Lilah, we chose you to help us.  I am Black Knight, leader of the Enchanted Forest pack.  I'm your new mentor," He replies his voice smooth, like he's known since I was born.  "Why me?  What was in that thorn?" I ask confused at his simple, yet complicated explanation of who he was. 
To be continued.....

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