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For the Love of Art

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I dash down the stairs, and pace back and forth.  Robin is gone for good.  I'm all alone in middle school.  I hear the bus screech to a halt at my front door.  I walk outside and step onto the bus.  Destiny shoots a devilish grin at me.  I glance at her warily.  London looks away, guilty of something.  Willow smirks.  Stupid Doom Divas.  They called themselves that once last year, and have ever since.  We stop in front of a sort-of big house.  I hear a horse whinny.  A cute collie barks at the bus happily. 
"Bye Blackberry!" A voice yells.  It's Rosetta, the girl who has horses for friends.  She lives on a horse ranch.  Once, she told us about her horse Starstruck.  She sits down next to me and grins.  Rosetta's nice, but gets teased.  Destiny snickers.
"Hey, how are your stupid donkeys Rosetta?  Are they good pardner?" She asks, smirking and imitating a southern accent.  Rosetta looks at the floor.  Then, we reach tomboy Tara's house.  She slumps on, bares her teeth at Destiny, London and Willow, then sits across from me.  She waves, then looks at the 3 smirking girls.
"They're not smart," She says, jerking her thumb at them.  Rosetta gives a small smile.  London looks at us.  Her perfect red hair is in a bun, and she smooths her designer skirt.
"Shut up, Tara," London says, shooting us a look.  Destiny smiles at London.  "
"Yeah, just go back to your football field and go get a goal or something," Destiny says.  A grin spreads across Tara's face.
"Wow, you really are stupid.  They're called touchdowns," Tara says.  Destiny's face flames.  She quickly fires back a response.
"At least I don't look like a troll!" Destiny shrieks.  We arrive at school and a red-faced Destiny practically drags London and Willow behind her.  Tara walks off coolly toward the group of guys.  It's confusing how Tara had acted like mine and Rosetta's friend on the bus.  Rosetta still stays right next to me.  She looks at me and says,
"I'm sorry that Robin left, Gwen.  I know it must hurt not really have any friends anymore." I smile at her, and look at her big, sad green eyes.
"I have you," I reply.  Her face lights up.
"You think of me as your friend?" She asks, shocked.  I nod.  We grin at each other, link our arms and walk off toward the front doors, our heads held high. 

That is the first chapter of my story! Hope you enjoyed it!

Be the different one in life. Remember, normal is boring! Enjoy being the odd one out!

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That's pretty good ^^

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[presses the imaginary like button] that was enjoying and I hope you write more Big Grin

hugebear from gracie and mia
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