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Poem written out of boredom

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April, 2012
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She sits by the carpet,
The blade in her hand,
Trying to escape, into another land.
Her reality is twisted, her reality is dark,
The only way to leave it, is to make another mark.

"Let's paint a pretty picture on my canvas" She said,
"Blue, Green, Yellow? I think red."
She swallows back the tears before starting to paint,
Nothing matters anymore, she's starting to pick up rate.

She gets so tired and drowsy, 
She's been losing weight, 
She's been wearing long sleeved shirts,
She's only 6 stone 8. 

Her picture is finished, Full of red bleeding lines,
Her biggest lie she says is that, "I'm fine".

Poem written out of boredom

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Wonderlust- Lock
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April, 2014
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This is a good poem ^^

Poem written out of boredom

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March, 2014
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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm kind of bored
Are you bored, too?

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