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Broken Walls

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August 2013

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Posted almost 3 years ago
Clara was a contained girl that was a little on the short side. A little tan with a nice figure, Clara was quite attractive. But she was just a new girl in a private school in Virginia. She opened the glass doors of Virginia Westside Private School to reveal three girls strutting through the halls toward her. "Oh! You must be the new girl. Oh and ya need to know-" "STAY OUT OF MCKAYLAS WAY!" The other two girls nodded at each other in agreement to their own words. Before Clara could respond, McKayla pushed her to the wall causing her to fall back on a tall guy with a football jersey on. "Oh, hey honey!" McKayla kissed the guy on the lips and strutted off with her possy. She looked into the guy`s eyes and he instantly knew who were first crush was. 



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