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football love story(the one that got away)

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April 2014

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Posted over 3 years ago
My football love story was very romantic . Here it goes It started when I sighned up for football my first year Oh I was so happy.when I went to go write my name He was their watching me .i felt akward so I went up To him and introduced myself.i figured out his name Gilbert and he was playing football to.well the first Practice we had he told me if I liked anyone on the Team and I smiled and said no and I asked him do U like anyone he said yea she plays football wid me. And he smiled 2 weeks later we had practice and he Said I was his princess and he was my night in shining Armor he said oh jazzy oh jazzy I will save u from the Courterback we were laughing so hard are coach made Us run more.that same day their was a big puddle and I Mean huge well we were running and he pushed me in there And I yelled hey y did u do that and he said as long as you Have a smile he told me.if anyboby hurt me he will hurt them When football season was over we still had the parade and the Football banquet left . At the parade he asked me if I wanted to Help hold the banner and when we were holding it he sliped his Hand into mine and we were holding hands. When the parade was Over me and him went to the photobooth and took pics together When it was the banquet when we got our trophies he made an Announcement and said this girl right here is the most talented, Beautiful,nice kind girl ive ever met and I want to be wid her for life When it was over he walked me home and when we got there he said He loves me and that to keep in touch so he put a note in my hand and it Had his # in it and he kissed me goodbye. That was the last time I saw him I called him and he said yea he eemembers me becuz itd been 2 years and He now has a gf who is way prettier than me and now I think how did I ever Let him go. The end of my football romance


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