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  (Hello!! I've been writing a story lately, and I've been meaning to turn it into an animation series. They'll be posted in small chapters, as this is a work in progress of a story. But, as being myself I really would like how this goes. It doesn't have a title, so please excuse the cruddy excuse of a title. And be warned, there may be some mild swearing, though I'll change it if requested to. ))
   There are lots of beings here, over two hundred. But, they’re all different from each other. Not a bad different. But I suppose it’s from your own perspective that you see if something is truly good or bad. We’re all different is basically my point. Perhaps I should be more specific. I live in an isolated society. Not a lot of people see that though. They just think that we’re a happy-go-lucky kingdom that doesn’t need any outside help. Though, I don’t see that. I see the true, dark, hell-of-a kingdom we have. 
     Wait, I haven’t introduced myself. Oh, how rude of me. Sorry, I’m just not one for true manners. My name, well, you can just call me Feather. It isn’t my name, my name is Subject 232. Feather’s just a nickname. I'm sort of a canine creature, I guess. I’m not the strongest being here. Oh, God no. I wish. I’m skimpy and skinny. Not too skinny, just right, I guess. I sort of have wings. They’re large, covered with feathers. Though, I can’t really fly too far with them. A few feet above the ground, sure, but that’s about it. I have sort of a light brown color on my fur, with a few white splotches here and there. Nothing special. Well, now that you know what basically is going on, it’s my turn, to tell my tale. 


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