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  Sherri walks home from school with her school books clutched against her chest, the breezey wind blowing her golden redish hair in her face and eyes, and her eyelashes fluttering bashfully. As the moon lit up the dark blue sky, it shone above her as she walked swiftly yet quickly to get home because it was getting dark.The more darker it got the more colder it gets. She shivered and grasped her backpack in the other arm and shifted her sweater around her shoulders. "Hey Sherri!" A spilled voice giggled from behind her. She gasped and dashed around. Michael started to chuckle, "Dang, calm down! It's just me!" She pursed her lips and rolled her eyes as she playfully punched his arm. Michael rubbed his arm, "Ow!" he pouted playfully, as he stopped rubbing his arm. They began walking together as they chatted and flirted. When they got to Sherri's house they stopped at the front porch. Michael clears his throat as he brushes his hair out of his eyes, "Um, Sherri...Tania wanted me to ask you something, that if maybe you wanted to come to the celebration, or party...whatever it is with us tomorrow, I mean because tomorrow's Friday." Michael said as he looked at the ground feeling his face get warm. She giggles seeing his red face and smiles. "Sure Mikey I'd love too!"  I squeal. Michael's eyes sparkled as he smiled, "Great! I'll see you tomorrow!" He says as he hugs her tightly then giggles as he runs off to his place. She stands there blushing profusely,
"Omg! Did he just hug me?? Squeeeeeee!! She thinks to herself. I can't believe it! I'll never wash these clothes again..  She dazely thinks as she snaps back to reality. She blushes embarrassed as she opens the door and runs inside.

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