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I Don't Want to Wake up (Chapter 1)

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Posted almost 4 years ago

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"cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs~!! YoU mAdE iT tO pArAdIsE~!!"

I suddenly woke up with the distorted voice still echoing in my head. Paradise...? What does that mean? My head hurt a lot. When I sat up, I saw a tall woman in front of me. When I listened closely to my surroundings. Mixed between snickering, laughter and whispers, I realized I drifted off in class again. Rubbing my eyes, I sat up and stretched.

"Had a good nap?" My teacher asked furiously. I nodded my head and let out a soft yawn. "Si..." I answered weary. She slammed a detention slip down on my table and walked away. The laughters quieted down to soft chuckles and snickers. Murmurs about the situation enveloped my thoughts, eventually cased aside. I let out another yawn, which caused an angry glare to get fired in my direction. I forced myself to endure her lecture. After 45 minutes passed, everyone except for me departed without haste. This is my last class of the day, which means I am unable to escape this detention. After everyone departed, my teacher stood up and slammed the door shut, making sure to lock it firmly.

Before we can get deeper into this story, I must inform you about the background.

My name is Luciana. I’m 17 years old from Italy. My mother and father moved to America when I was 14. I knew a lot of information from Italy, so the school I’m attending is pointless. However, I must follow my parents wishes, unfortunately. Because of that, I have a tendency of falling asleep during 90% of my classes. But ever since I came to America, a lot of bizarre things has happened to me. Well, more so my dreams. Whenever I fall asleep, I would wake up in my old home in Italy. All of my relatives would be there, including the ones that passed away. They had a much more cheerful smile and a lot more carefree. Always greeting me with hugs. Each dream I would have, the love increased. Everyone who I ever met would appear in the dream with soft smiles and greeted me with open arms. It’s a nice dream to have, but lately, I started seeing a young man appear in my dreams. He have light brown hair, wore a blue uniform with brown boots. He had a curl on the left side of his hair and some parts of his body was covered in shadows. At first I found him scary, but his appearance made my heart light. It’s almost as like, the life I’m living right now is the nightmare, and my dream is a reality. And because of it, I like to sleep more.

Let’s move onto the story, shall we?

After locking the door, Ms. Nunnelly pulled up a chair and sat across my desk. I saw her mouth move, but her words did not reach my hearing. I developed the amazing ability to tone out people, and read their lips. So I can always get the gists of their blabbering. When she finally reached her conclusion of her speech, I ready myself to respond.

“I only sleep because I know this stuff already… There’s no point… I’m just waiting for the day I can go back to Italy…” I muttered. She went to her normal questions and statements. Sad thing is, this happens every week, so she should know my responses by now. I have no idea why these American teachers repeat themselves, hoping that the children would change. Once a certain individual’s mind is set on something, there’s no changing it. Soon, Ms. Nunnelly walked back to her desk, placing her feet on the table. She had long light brown hair, with some of it slit back. Her hair is very wavy. She wore a white button down blouse, a mini red skirt and black high heel shoes. She also wore red framed glasses. Her skin was a light peach cream that reflected in the sun. She attract men of all ages. Many females envy her green eyes, flawless skin beauty. And she reeks of perfume. I despise women like her because they feed off of attention. I used my hand as a rest and stared absent mindedly at the smart board.

Soon, I found myself in an empty classroom. I know I didn’t fall asleep, but my body have a horrible habit of shutting down for a while. I think it’s known as Encephalitis. I look out the window, night had fallen. I guess that worthless teacher departed. I looked out the window, resting my head against the desk. “I look tired…” I whispered softly. I look at my reflection and saw a smile. I raised my head, confused and touched my face softly. My reflection’s smile grew as I touched my face. I wasn’t smiling, so it was extremely bizarre seeing my reflection smile like that. I realized my situation and averted my attention away from my reflection. “Wake up..!! Wake up…!! Wake up…!!” I screamed in my head. When I look up, I saw myself standing in front of me. Most of the body was covered in shadows. When it smiled, all of its teeth were sharper than fangs. Before I could react, it placed its shadow index finger to my lips and approached me. “gO tO sLeEp~” It said wryly. I let out a scream which caused Ms. Nunnelly to fall out of her seat. “Ah… I did fall asleep… Haaah…. My head hurts badly…” I whispered in my head. Ms. Nunnelly marched over to me and everything instantly muted.
The smile and those shadows was still engraved in my head. It remind me of that man who I usually see in my dreams, except… it was me…

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