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Tracking you down, my little friend. - poem

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Hehe... yeah. I told you about my poem in the Cardiologist poem. Go check out that, too! 'Cardiologist-poem' here in Poetry & Stories.  It's kind of scary, it's a REALLY long poem, so I'd advise you to be prepared.

Though, it's not that long, this is a part of a thing we had to do for language. I forgot my mark for this... but it wasn't an A+ ... it's actually supposed to be a sequel or a different perspective 'the human's' of another poem that my friend wrote. I'm going to ask her for it, and maybe I can post it later. S

     he's an AMAZING writer and author, you gotta check out her other poems, but they're about death, that's usually what I write, but yeah.... The poem isn't that scary... but uhhh... yeah. 

  Okay, for those of you who don't get it. It's about this shadow or the poem that my friend wrote, well it's about a shadow telling you can't kill him and how he's very tricky and stuff like that, and this is the human's revenge or a message to the shadow. It is made up of nonsense... so yeah.. smile I drew pictures for the poems I wrote... they're rather... well... yeah... weird... anyway... HAPPY READING! It sometimes doesn't rhyme. By the way, Biblios are a type of demon. Search it up. 

Tracking you down, my little friend   by Rayna ( FireWolfRain) 

Oh, oh, she follows me everything...
Or is it a he? 
Oh, oh, he tells me I can't kill him....
What? What? 
Oh, oh, what I don't get, 
Is why he forgets
To tell me that I CAN DO ANYTHING!
He is a weakling, 
Trying to hide, 
Oh, he thinks he's invincible, 
But I bet he'll get swept by a tide, 
Oh, the tide won't be big, 
Just a tinny-bit long, 
And he'll be a bit terrified of my earwig named John. 
He tracks people down, 
That's what I order him to do. 
Well, you will be scared now, 
As he'll cut through your shoes! 
Your soles are rubber, yes, 
But haven't you seen, 
He's half horse and crab, 
maybe not really insert, indeed. 
That sounds real weir,d 
Oh, weirder than you, 
Since you say you're from Waterloo, 
But we both know that's not true. 
You may think there's nothing weird about that, 
But beware, 
You might be attacked, 
By monsters and demons, 
And annoyed by Biblios, 
like when you dog eats your Cheerios. 
Yes, I'll play your game with you, 
just try to be fair, 
and I bet I won't rip out my hair, 
You cruel evil beast, 
Maybe you're not so sadistic, 
You provide me shade when I need it. 
Well, not every time, since you told that poem. 
Oh, oh, I'll get my revenge, 
But I'll fight back, 
Oh, I'll promise it'll involve Wenge, 
I know, it's a type of tree, 
And maybe then, you'll shout Whop-pee!
You think it won't inflict pain, 
Like you don't do with me, 
Oh, run, run, I'll make you plead on your knees !
Ha-ha, ha-ha, I'm worse than you, 
As I am an evil human, too....


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