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Twisted Thoughts: Cut me open so i die in pain, I take the pills because im insane. Slice me once, Slice me twice... I never said that i was nice. I like the blood, i like the feeling, looking through the empty Ceiling. Im dying once, Im dying twice, I guess that i have payed the price. I like the pain, i hate the tears, no ones protecting me from my fears. Im all alone with no one to save me, Im bleeding you blame me? All i wanted was to be loved, but instead i got a fload of blood. Im still running from my empty sorrow...Wishing i could die tomorrow. I never wanted to awake...the smile you see now is only fake. I cry tonight as i hear you yell...I dropped my razor and then i fell. The blood trickled down my finger tip...all of a sudden i felt somthing rip. Im dead again, it was my heart from the blood on my work of art. Im laying dead now on the stop yelling and open the door. You see the razor in my hand, you begin to sink, in the pit of sand. Realizing what you''ve realize that your the one. The one that''s caused me all this pain...the one thats made me go insane. You drop to your knees and beg for lean over and give me a simple kiss. You thought I''d awake like a prince has broken a spell, but im not awaking do you hear the ringing bell? That''s the bell that says im rings and rings untill im red. The blood surrounds me and covers me thick...Alive or dead...Take your pick..

Shattered Dreams

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omg that was the best ting i have ever read. wow you are really deep

PeAcE oUt
If you fall in love you may never get back up. That''s why they call it falling.

whats the worst that i can say
things are better if i stay
so long and goodnight
so long and goodnight
and if you carry on this way
things are better if i stay
so long and goodnight
so long and goodnight
awesome song
great lyrics

guess what song?

I''m bossy, I''m the first girl to scream on a track
I switched up the beat of the drum
That''s right i brought all the boys to the yard
And that''s right, i''m the one that''s tattooed on his arm
I''m bossy, I''m the girl y''all love to hate
I''m the chick that''s raised the stake
I told young stunna he should switch debate
I''m back with an 808 cause i''m bossy

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wow. i love that. very nice job.

The Soul, secure in her existance,
smiles at the drawn dagger and defies its point.
The stars shall fade away
the sun himself grow dim with age
and nature sink in years,
but thou shalt flourish in immortal youth,
unhurt amid the wars of elements,
the wreck of matter,
the crush of worlds.

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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