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Rekindling [A Fanfiction]

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Posted 10 months ago

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This probably doesn't seem like the best thing to open a story with, but it's 100% needed. I held a send-your-characters-to-be-featured-in-a-story thing over in the RP forums, and now, this story's starting! Before this happens, I'm mentioning the users that took part in this as a thank-you thing (other than myself, that's just selfish). This story would absolutely not exist without them, and I think it'll be a lot of fun to write with these characters!

Users who took part:

Thank you for taking the time to read (or skip over) this intro post, and the story will begin below!


Posted 10 months ago

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Prologue 0-1: Hello, Sister Despair

Hope's Peak Academy.
It shines brighter than anywhere else in the world, towering miles over the buildings surrouding it. Everyone across Japan can at least name it- that's how recognised it is. This prestigious boarding school is known to cultivate every last drop of hope its students possess; this makes the name "Hope's Peak Academy" quite apt. If you happen to be lucky enough to both attend and graduate, you're 100-percent set for a life of guaranteed prosperity. The two conditions you must fulfil in order to attend here are:
1. You must currently be attending high school.
2. You must be the very best at what you do.
Oh, I should probably mention- Hope's Peak is a school that exclusively scouts out every last one of the talented teenagers that make up the student body (save for one in each class, but I'll get onto that). These students, named "Ultimates", are the pinnacle of talent in each of their respective fields, with only the creme-de-la-creme actually receiving a letter from the scouting staff. However, there is another way to enter the school: the lottery. Every year, the Hope's Peak faculty pick one ordinary high school student from a lottery to attend the academy as an "Ultimate Lucky Student". 
And then... there's me. I should probably introduce myself, for a start. My name is Misaki Yami, and I was chosen to attend Hope's Peak as the Ultimate Solo Musician. Well, I should probably come clean now: I'm... not exactly an Ultimate anymore.
Another explanation... you must be overjoyed, huh? So, Hope's Peak's exam system is far different from your ordinary high school's; exams are solely based on how good you are at your talent. That's basically all it is- if the staff don't think you're good enough, they just kick you out, pretty much. And, lo and behold, that happened to me. Fortunately, the faculty has recently put a new system in place. For the expelled students who have the potential to rise back up the ranks to Ultimate status, there's a place for them: Hope's Peak Rekindling Centre. The name sounds ominous, but it has good intentions. The selected students to be "improved" here are called "Secondaries", and I'm now a Secondary here. I guess that makes me the Secondary Solo Musician.
Okay, it did feel kinda bad being demoted from "Ultimate" status to "Secondary" status, but... as I stared at the modern, bright white building before me, I can't help but feel reassured. I'm coming here to get better, aren't I? Well... That's what I thought at the time. I took my first steps into the building, looking ahead at my new life with eyes brimming with hope...
And, after that, all I felt was sick.
Sick, and dizzy...
Dizzy, and drowsy...
Drowsy, and...
Once I woke up, I was in a completely new environment.
Where... am I? The thought swam through my reeling head as I rubbed my eyes. I was in some sort of classroom, it seemed. It seemed a logical conclusion; I was currently sat at a desk with many other empty desks surrounding me, the teacher's podium directly facing the rows with a blackboard as the backdrop. Standing up from my seat, I tried to remember how I even got here... and nothing came. All I could remember was entering the Rekindling Centre, and my mind going blank. Nothing else. My eyes darted around the room, and I soon noticed the out-of-place - dare I say suspicious - oddities about my location.
There were no windows, and whatever was left of them had been replaced by gigantic steel plates, only artificial light rendering me able to see.
Why would anyone do that? I wondered, and my thoughts wandered to whether I could remove said plates. Well... considering they were some sort of metal, it probably wasn't possible, so I let it be. There was also a yellow security camera projecting down from the ceiling. I looked up at it, wondering why it was there. Who was watching from that camera? I'd also noticed a smallish TV screen planted on the wall, just next to the classroom's blackboard. It would be nice to find an anime to watch, but that was the least of my problems at that moment. Lastly, I spotted a crumpled sheet of paper, sitting on the teacher's podium. I reached out for it, finding nothing but childish scribbles in red crayon all over it. I could just about mak####t###e words it read:

Dear New Students,
As the first official class of Hope's Peak Rekindling Centre, we welcome you and hope you have a productive first semester here at the centre. 
The entrance ceremony will begin at 8am sharp, so make your way to the gymnasium promptly.
The first thought I had was that this had to be some sort of prank. Who in their right mind would write a serious notice in crayon of all things? With... whatever those doodles were supposed to be dotted around it? Even if it really wasn't something serious, it was probably worth going along just to humour whoever-this-was and their red crayon. The clock read 7:55; that seemed like just the right time to leave. Taking the note and shoving it in my pocket, I slid open the grey classroom door that led on to the corridors.
Little did I know that action set off the worst chain of events possible.


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Prologue 0-2: Hello, Sister Despair
The corridor seemed to wind on and on as I walked; I'd passed so many classrooms that the tedious environment I found myself in felt circular. I'd seen no-one, heard no-one... it felt lonely. I felt lonely. Though I desperately wanted to call out to see if someone would answer me, I felt that no answer would come. Maybe... all of this was completely hopeless. However, that feeling of solitude was broken by the most grating, irritating, aggravatingly-sickly voice I'd ever heard.
"Hello! Are you new, too?"
Well, it was better than nobody. As I turned to the source of the voice, a smallish girl with pale pink curls greeted me with a smile, giggling happily. Somehow... I felt I recognised her, in some way. She had a friendly air about her, so maybe I could trust her.
"Yay!" she began, striking a cute pose, "Ruka found someone else, nya!"
Ugh. She reminded me of those god-annoying anime characters who were a bubbly mess of energy. I couldn't just ignore her, despite how badly she grinded my gears. A patient smile forming on my face, I couldn't help but stammer out of nerves.
"S-so, who are you?" I asked flatly, "I'm Misaki Yami, if you really wanna know."
Judging by her speech pattern, this girl was probably called 'Ruka', but it was  best to make sure; I didn't want to call her a name that she wasn't called.
"Ahh! So cute, nya!" she continued cheerily, "I'm gonna call you Aki! A cute name for a cute girl, nya!"
"You really don't have t-" I was promptly cut off by the girl again. She was really starting to irritate me now, but I couldn't blow a fuse because of her.
"I'm sorry! I need to introduce myself, too!" the girl swiftly struck a cute pose. "I'm Ruka Arisugawa, but I might be better-known as Faris, nya."
Ah. So that's how I knew her... Ruka Arisugawa - better known as Faris Nekomimi - is pretty much inescapable online. Youtube videos, blogs, social media in general are overrun by the talented internet idol. I'm not really into that kinda thing, but from my love of anime, I guess they assumed I liked idols too. I don't. Well, I couldn't just be rude, even if she did seem to embody that irritating bubbly attitude I'd never grown to like. So, after a little more conversation (though it wasn't particularly interesting), Ruka and I began to make our way to the gymnasium; according to my acquaintance, she'd seen some others walking around and decided to take their path. 
Soon enough, after what seemed like hours of walking in circles, we'd reached the door to the gymnasium- and as Ruka had said, there were others making their way inside. I cautiously pushed open the grey door, and inside the rather generic-looking gymnasium, stood around fourteen other people. They all looked pretty unique, but what was I expecting? These were former Ultimates... they definitely had that air about them. Ruka was quick to dash forward and start talking to people, and I began to settle on that idea, too. The people in the room had settled into two groups; I concluded on talking to the people in the first of those groups.
Well... you can't just say nothing, I told myself sharply, as I took my steps towards the first person in the group. Go ahead and introduce yourself to them.


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Prologue 0-3: Hello, Sister Despair

Awkwardly making steps up to the first group, I decided to introduce myself to the first person in my line of sight- a boy with silvery hair, who appeared quite intimidating to me.
"Uh... h-hello." I began, "My name's Misaki Yami. Who are you?"
The boy's mysterious poker-face remained unmoving as he introduced himself.
"Mitsuru Hirota." He simply said, with nothing more.


Mitsuru Hirota, from what I know, is a highly-praised artist prodigy who earns quite a bit from his work. However, he rarely ever gives it up, despite it piquing the attention of multiple museums. In terms of furthering our conversation, he didn't seem to be the talkative type- so I moved on.

The next person I noticed was a childish-looking blonde girl with huge blue eyes, grinning cheerily at me as I walked over. I didn't even get a chance to open my mouth as she started talking so quickly.
"Hi! My name's Haru Uyeda." She chirped sweetly, "It's nice to meet you!"


A girl like Haru really isn't difficult to know about; she's an exceptional ballerina, and has made it to both national and international performances. Astounding, considering her young age- and how she appears far younger, too.
"So! So!" She stood up on her tiptoes to look me in the eye. "Who are you?"
"I-I'm Misaki Yami," I smiled nervously. "It's nice to m-meet you too, Haru."
A giggle escaped Haru's lips as she skipped away to someone else who called her over, waving. I couldn't help but wave back, feeling slightly bad that we didn't get to talk any more.

I moved along to someone else- a boy with dark hair wearing almost all-red. He smiled pretty quickly, and I managed to get out my introduction before he did.
"My name's Misaki Yami," I flatly stated. "Who are you?"
"Oh! I'm Rin. Rin Okumura," the boy grinned as he ran a hand through his hair.


Rin, much like Ruka, was virtually inescapable in his medium. He's everywhere on cooking channels due to his young age and how well he came to the top of his career.
"Uh, hey..." Rin suddenly said, a nervous edge now in his voice. "Did you wake up in a classroom? By yourself?"
"Y-yeah. Why do you ask?" I raised an eyebrow.
"Ah. That makes all of us, then." He smiled, trying to cover up his nerves, most likely.
"Wh-what do you mean, all of us?" I tried not to yell, but I couldn't  help but raise my voice.
"No need to get mad! I just..." Rin paused. "Well, everyone else here had the same happen. I'm hoping that this is all a big joke, honestly."
I felt a little embarrassed after that, so I just nodded and left without another word. Honestly, this all being a big joke or dream would be great... well, I want to at least have a chance of entering Hope's Peak again, but... something about this made me uneasy.

The next person I saw  was a black-haired girl, absentmindedly staring into nothing. She seemed... odd, to say the least, but I couldn't just go ignoring people. I walked over, and hesitated. She seemed completely undistracted by me, so how do I get her attention? I cautiously tapped her shoulder, and the girl snapped out of her daze in a shot.
"Oh, sorry." The girl smiled politely. "I wasn't paying attention, huh? I'm Kurimuson, by the way. Kurimuson Amiria Sooyaa... call me Kuri."


Kuri (her full name very... strange) is known mostly for her work in music videos and other video media as a dancer, and has quite a big following as far as the dance world goes. I was abruptly brought out of my thoughts by Kuri speaking again.
"Hmm... what are you occupied about?" She raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Could it be...?"
"Could it be what?" I instinctively snapped back, before covering my mouth; that warranted a giggle from the raven-haired girl.
"Oh, nothing." She furtively grinned, "You may not understand, but it has something to do with our... predicament."

The way Kuri spoke so casually about our situation felt suspicious in some way that I couldn't place. Ignoring her and saying a quick goodbye, I moved on to the fifth person in the group- who was quick to latch onto my hand. Looking up to see a fairly-attractive boy with red hair and a charming smile, I couldn't help but feel flustered. Well, who wouldn't? Quickly brushing him off, I asked him the same monotonous question whilst introducing myself in tedium.
"It's nice to meet you, Misaki," the boy smiled comfortingly. "I'm Kaze Takenaka."


Considering his young age, it's ridiculous to say that Kaze is pretty big in the world of baking. His food is of a pretty high standard, and though he doesn't work in big bakeries, he still has a reputable skill.
"So, Misaki..." Kaze continued, "Do you... have your phone?"
"I should..." I subconsciously felt around in my pocket, and... nothing. Where was it? Was it stolen? Panicking, I instinctively let out a dramatic "It's gone".
"Oh, you too?" Kaze looked quite relieved. "I was so worried when I couldn't find mine... I just hope I get it back."
"Me too... I really need it." I felt a little more relaxed to find out Kaze didn't have his, too. "Anyway, I should probably go... sorry."

Saying a brief goodbye to Kaze, I turned on my heels toward the next person- a rather-pretty girl with long brown hair.
"Before you go introducing yourself," the girl practically spat, "I'm not keen on talkative people."
My eyes widened. She didn't seem like the nicest person, really, but... she might just be grumpy over what happened, if what Rin said is true. Even still, I didn't want to get on my bad side.
"O-okay... I'm Misaki Yami." I felt nerves creep into my voice.
"Toneyo Kikuchi. Nice to meet you or whatever."


Toneyo's name isn't uncommonly-seen on theatre billboards, as she's one of the most popular actresses in the country; she's constantly touring from what I know. Apparently, she might even make it to Broadway or the West End.
"Can you stop standing around staring at me?" Toneyo's venomous voice brought me out of my thoughts. "You're getting on my nerves... at least you don't talk much."

Deciding that it would be for the best that I leave her alone, I found myself face-to-face with the last person in the group: a girl who looked... odd, to say the least. Her hair in crazy colours and strange fashion sense... was she even human?
"Hey, you alive in there?" She joked, "Earth to...?"
"Misaki." I abruptly cut her off. "I-I'm Misaki Yami."
"Well, nice to meet ya!" The girl grinned. "I'm Lauren Moon. Hope we can get along!"


I'm not too big on history stuff, but apparantly Lauren Moon is one of the big names in that crowd. She knows everything there is to know about mythology, whether it's about ancient Greeks or ancient Egyptians.
I soon noticed that Lauren was whispering to... herself? No- she was whispering to that pyramid necklace she was wearing.
"Uhh... Lauren?" I questioned, "I hope you don't mind me asking, but... why are you talking to... a necklace?"
"Necklace?!" Lauren appeared flustered. "This isn't a necklace, this is the Millenium Puzzle! I can communicate with Atem through it."
That... sounded strangely familiar. Where had I heard that before?

Again, after a few more questions, I moved away from Lauren. Well, that was the first group done... now onto the second. Who will I meet there?


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