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In the east of Ravi Mritya Hemant,
Blue is clean, clean, not blue, blue;
Cool snowflakes flowing Anil Shaw, inspiring enthusiasm,
The enthusiasm filled with joy, singing sweet songs!
At the time of sweet time, the field of shale, the game is made of small children of agriculture;
By virtue of being strong, baby's cheeks, Ravi niidha turns its back on!
Elderly mother and daughter-in-law are fasting,
Come on! What kind of happiness did the doer do?
There dust blows away,
No one comes to the horse
The main reason behind this,
Seeing the horse in the boat!
Slowly wakes up, relaxes, keeps the eye passes, looks like the aging mother, the younger the weak;
And his dear husband still keeps quiet, sitting, singing, looking at the fireplace, and turning the deity.
There he arrived, there is a young man with a horse;
Agriculture, when it arises, say 'Come, Bapu!'
"I'm sorry"
By speaking, the young man, who came from the sky, looked around;
'Sweet is the juice! Sheldi Tana ', saying with kindness,
The mother took the young man, where is the vertical Shelli!
The mother of the child,
One cut of jagic slit on behalf of knife;
Let's fill the strands filled with interest,
Do you think he was gone?
'The second goblet is filled up, yet there is the Trishya,'
Saying the young man in the mother's tax
Cut off again again! Slim shield,
Why do not you get a point of interest?
'Shukra copa hai prabhu mujhe pare!' Brought tears in the eye,
Bidi's mother is in a barking shell
'Uncensored, unharmed;
Otherwise, it would not be so;
It was such a young man that he got shocked
The mother raised her feet and said:
'I am the nupt, I am sorry!' Bai!
I am a nupt, I am sorry to pay! Isha! '
I drink the juice of the Lord! It was only when he thought,
These people are all wealthy, they are here;
I do not even know how to do it,
Why not take a lot of money from this wealthy?
Let's now be filled with interest! God will fill it up;
Stay happy! Be happy, all, hope only for you! '
Pillu lifted a vertical Shelley pass mother,
One cut of sliced ​​needle on behalf of knife;
Let's fill the strands filled with interest,
Come on, flow! Bliss!

Mr. King

Posted 9 months ago

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Very Nice

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