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Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 12 years ago

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Default girl
Posts: 64

with you by my side
im feeling loved
your holding me close
to keep me with you
i know you love me
but you never show it
when we kiss it just like the first
we close our eyes
and feel the love for eachother

but when im with you
i feel differnt
like were just friends
but i know that were more than that
your hug is always so wonderful
i see angel walk by as we hug
she smiles and says hes the one
and i know you are
why am i feeling this way

i love you very much
but i can''t feel
the exact love for you
when we hold hands
i know your protecting
so always beware
that i will alwyas love you no matter what

evan baby i love you this is for you

Posted almost 12 years ago

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Default girl
Dear Daddy,
I walk among
This terrible pain
That you have brought upon me
I jumped and skipped my way
Through life without you there to guide me
But I need you
And you need me
So please come home
Dear Daddy!
xDedicated to the American and Canadian soldiers who were in Hezbollah and all those places)


FrIeNdS aRe FoReVeR
bOyS aRe WhAtEvEr!!!!


Posted over 11 years ago

Posted By:

Default girl
Posts: 1465

A Girl''s Thoughts

Her heart skips a beat
In the midst of the heat
He asks her to join him
The light is no longer dim
She holds his hand
He whispers to the band
The band starts to play
"Dance" he says to her eyes, so gray
They dance to their song


Posted over 11 years ago

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Default girl
Posts: 64

school dances

my friend said you would
but as i walked by you said no
your my ex so why
would i go with you
we are friends right?
we could go as friends
but to dance?
you would hold me close
i would feel so loved
if you would take me
but you like osmeone else
and i no she would love to go
so take her to the dance
and have a good time
ill see you around and hope we can still be friends

trevor this is for you i hope we can still be friend s at school
i wanted to go but you cant seem to ask me cause your to shy like when were together why are you like this i cant seem to find out why we liked eachother

Posted over 11 years ago

Posted By:

Default girl
Posts: 170

Poems by Caitlyn x me!!!)

Stage fright

Im on the stage one magical night,
My whole body is trembling, its full of fright.
I look down at the audience, Guess what I see?
Hundreds of eyes glaring at me.
I close my eyes , I shut them tight,
I try to picture a peaceful sight.
I guess its time to let my voice go free,
For hundreds of people are waiting for me,
Well I started my poem, I could hear myself recite,
My very own poem that magical night.
After what seemed like an hour yet was only a minute,
I finally finished and could rest and sit.
My stage fright is gone, Im no longer afraid,
of what would happen to me on stage!

Heres another one:

Friends forever?

Don''t you remember the day we met?
We were at the park when the sun set,
We were sitting in the sandbox not very mature,
And we didnt know what was in for us in the future.

Don''t you remember our first day of school?
When we still treated dolls like precious jewels?
We told each other we''d be best friends,
Until the very very end.

Well we were best friends until 5th grade,
Then our bond began to brake,
I guess our friend ship broke in half,
Because there was no more time to play and laugh.

Why aren''t we friends anymore?
That question still makes my head sore.
We used to be best friends in and out of class,
How could we have taken such different paths???


If we were a movie, you''d be the right guy.....

Posted over 11 years ago

Posted By:

Default girl
Posts: 25

why dose it have to be me??

why dose it have to be me im only 11.
im a good kid,i have good grades.
i dont understand??
whhy dose it have to be me who crys
at night...i cant talk to any 1
my life is falling apart.
i just want to stop crying please!!
i always ask god to try and make it better..
but sometimes i just think my life is not so
important i shouldent be complaining other people have
it worse,they dont have a house or enything.but i just wander
around trying to be happy inthe inside im half dead and the out side
im so happy and nice...
why dose it have to be me who has no father because he was a teribble man
and went to jail for LIFE!!! you other people are so lucky to have a father
to bad its not me!!


Posted over 11 years ago

Posted By:

Default girl
Posts: 135

I wrote this...
Too Late
I''m lying in bed
And resting my head
I stay awake
I''ve made a mistake
I now know what i''ve done
My confidence?There''s none
As i''m crying alone
I stare at the telephone
The voice that comes through
It''s like a small baby''s coo
It calls out my name
I''m no longer the same
My mind draws a blank
It''s like an empty tank
I''m feeling truly blue
As I write this letter to you
Now, your up above
I send you my love
Your actually gone
It''s finally dawn
Your presence is here
The end draws near
You were my soul mate
But now,it''s too late


Scars aren''t always bad... sometimes they just remind you of things you just don''t want to forget...

I''m gonna draw a picture
A picture with a twist
I''ll draw it with a razor blade
I''ll draw it on my wrist
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~There''s fake faces everywhere I look
A punishment to some
To others a gift
and to many a favor
Death is not the last sleep
It is the final awakening
I would rather live
And love where death is king
than have eternal life where love is not
Fear not death For the sooner we die
The longer we shall be immortal.
When I first saw you...
I was afraid to meet you...
When I first met you...
I was afraid to kiss you...
When I first kissed you...
I was afaraid to love you...
But now that I love you...
I''m afraid to lose you...

Posted over 11 years ago

Posted By:

Default girl
i have lots of poems

oh yeah it''s samantha and what?????

Posted over 11 years ago

Posted By:

Default girl
Posts: 191

Oh cool, I may just post some of mine!




"I am not bound to please thee with my answers."
William Shakespeare

Theoreys like these are why some of us are still individuals.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I''m not sure about the former."
Albert Einstein

Touche, yet, its unfortunate I must quote the obvious, Mr. Einstein.

"Poetry is my life, because life hands me poetry in return."
Skyler aka: Me

Ah, sweet innocence...

Where has my dearest gone?
She is knowhere to be found,
She dwells in the underground."

Stanley Kunitz

One of my favorites, and yet, I''ll never know why...

Posted over 11 years ago

Posted By:

Default girl
I am writing a story on KidzWorld-it is barely book 1 of my series!I hope you publish it!I am nine years old.

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