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never say
live and let die

never say
hate forever

never say i love you
unless you mean it with all your heart

never do anything
with out a shadow of a dought

never say never
it wont get you very far

never say forever
it is to long to detarmain

never say i don''t
when you already told your self i do

never say things
you dont mean

never fix things
that you would break

never change peoples hearts
just to leave them empty

never let out a fart
when your at her parents house [lmao *note not part of poem* not a persoal experiance but hey got to add in the jokes]

never tell a tail
with rym and sckem

never rattel
the the rattler of the dreamers of eyes

never be who you are not
always be who you never would forgot

always be true
to others and you

always be there
for her no matter what

never be not who you say
but who you are

always stand tall
and be true.

by charles xkingdude, villiageidot and many many other usernames)

ps reson why i wrote this i was bored and its only 1:21 in the morning


Remember the face of your father
And say your lesson well
Then kiss the girls to heaven
And send the grooms to hell

Across the distance childe
Some will call you friend
But those that slap the leather
Are all you can depend

Revolve with loaded questions
To answers long and gone
Justice is not easy
In a world that has moved on

Still you seek the spire
Still you play your part
Lie with open honesty
Then kill them with your heart

The Sound Of A Million Doors Opening, Closing, Creating, And Breaking-me

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ps reson why i wrote this i was bored and its only 1:21 in the morning

..sorry XD

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