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This is my poem!

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BubblesOwner-l Lock
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January, 2007
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Hello! I luv 2 write poetry! i will start posting anytime i write a poem! here is this 1!

Theres Sumthin Wrong With This World!

There are lots and lots,
of things wrong with this,
do u really want 2 no?
here, i''ll make a list!
lots of people starving,
in the streets everday,
nobody with manner,
ask them a question nothing that they''ll say!
Hurricane Katrine,
Also Rita 2,
People trapped in a mine,
People say "Who cares, wuts it got 2 do with u"?
Lots of animals,
murdered everyday,
xxx on people,
take a stand say hey!
Tress always cut down,
always senslessly,
cut down 2 make money,
rather have money than breathe?
thats wut trees help us with,
they provide oxygen,
also shade,
but hey! lets cut them down anyway! is wut they think and say!
endangered animals,
about 2 be extinct,
b-cuz people kill them,
4 there own selfish needs!
wuts wrong with u people?
can''t any1 see?
animals are people 2,
just not teckneckly!
if it were a human,
it would be called murder!
while were on the subject,
also alot of that around here!
people being killed,
lots more 2!
duzn''t any1 care?
ya, i''m talking 2 u!
duzn''t any1 give a crap?
they let sum1 else take the rap!
4 stupid things they do,
like i said,
i''m talking 2 u!
no1 really cares!
get out of each others hair!
wars and sensless violence,
it messes people up!
i no 1 girl the war,
really messed her life up!
duz any1 no?
anything about this world?
bad stuff happens everyday,
don''t u watch the news?
i could go on 4-ever,
but now i think i''ll stop,
theres sumthin wrong with this world,
i''m rite, am i not?

so, wud yall think?

This is my poem!

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kawaiigirl Lock
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January, 2007
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hey well thats a good peopm you should put it on a website for the Hurricane Katrina thing cause i heard they still needed help

This is my poem!

Posted By:
BubblesOwner-l Lock
Member since:
January, 2007
Status: Offline
Posts: 116
Wow, thanx, and good idea! u r very nice, and the 1st 1 2 comment on my poem!

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