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A nice story.

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Baby Wolf On The Run

Once upon a time there was a wolf mother. She had one cub named Will the baby wolf. Will was black like her mother. Will had blue eyes. She was always doing tricks on her mom.

Will had a friend named Mac the scorpion. Mac always rode on his back. They were on a hunt looking for food when they heard something in the woods. Wolf mother ran into the woods.

A second later they heard a bang and a boom. They flinched when a man walked out. The man was holding his mother over his shoulder. They both started to run. The mans name tag said ''Willy the hunter''

Willy kept on shooting. Will jumped in a tree. He noticed that Mac was gone. A second later he heard a splat and a crunch. Will looked down and saw Mac. He was on the ground as flat as a pancake. Will screamed.

Will jumped out of the tree and ran after Willy. After Will was far away from him he reached the big big spider. He was eating a fly. Will asked him to make a spider web strong enough to catch a human. Sall said to get three ingredients.

Will went off to find three bamboo twigs, two vines and a moth. First he went to bamboo forest. Monkey gave him the strongest bamboo twigs he had. Then he went to vine vine city. He got the strongest vines they had.

Then he found a moth and turned the direction he needed to go. When he got there Sall ate the moth. Soon he had the strongest spider web ever made. Willy was just on time. He ran right into the spider web. Will put him in his boat and pushed him away.

The End,

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