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One day we were going on a trip 2 see a play. It was a boy that i like his name is David , so i sat next 2 my friends. On my right was my friend Maritza then a boy after her. Then after him was David. Then i thought this was the right moment 4 me 2 tell Maritza 2 ask David if he likes me . She talk 2 him 4 like 10 minutes.He said " I only like u as a friend". So then i was like ok because i dint care. But now since I asked him that everyday I catch him staring at me 7/5. ( That means 7 hours 5 days ). And when ever i walk near him not 2 talk 2 him he looks the other way. We where very great friends we sat in the same group 2 times 4 like 2 months then switch. But ever since i asked him that at the play hes been very quiet. I know he likes me 2 but he dont got the guts 2 say that.  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Cool  Love  Love  Love  Love Love  Love  Love  Love  Love  Love  Love  


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