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my poem called HAVE U EVER!

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Posted almost 12 years ago

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have u ever been cheated on and u loved that person so much that it made u wanna cry.have u ever been cheated on when someone made u feel so deep inside.have u ever told your friends what was going through your head.have u ever had a friend that slept with yo man in bed.have u ever wanted to get back with yo love but he didnt care.have u ever called his phone but he wasnt there. have u ever felt like u wanted too move on but something was holden u back.have u ever went in your room and wanted to have an heartattack.know u no how somepeople feel about love or being cheated on.if u not dead.DONT LET LOVE GET TOO YOUR HEAD.


Posted almost 12 years ago

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Hmmm, that''s rather like an e-mail I created and sent around to my friends:

Have You Ever

Have you ever loved someone so much that just thinking of them or remembering something about them could make the sun come out?
That when you hugged them or even just held their hand you never wanted to let go, and the memory of those embraces were what got you through every day?
Wanting to be near them every minute, but unable to tell them how you feel?

Have you ever been so lost or confused that you thought it could never be right, that there was no possible way you could ever make the right choice?
Then have you, in one instant, realized what you had to do, known exactly which choice was best, and found yourself even better than you were before?

Have you ever been so depressed and disheartened you felt you could not go on, that the only way you could turn was towards pain?
Have you ever been so helpless and yet unable to cry out, or ask for that which you desperately need?

Have you ever been hurt by another person, through their thoughtlessness, rudeness, or just plain meanness?
Have you ever had someone lead you on and make you believe they were there for you, when they really didn''t care at all, then found out and been so hurt that you wished that they, you, or the whole world could just disappear?


Most Truth can only be expressed in circular paradoxes
Could it be, the brightest star, so close, yet still far away?

-Chiamami amor

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