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Lord Cavalier Lock
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October, 2012
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[Violence.] The town of Yarlet, Centre Republics,  was a quiet, even rather boring little place. Chilly in the winter. The most intense this found here tends to be an occasionally argument, heated or not, or soccer game. A man, known as Alek Hents, had recently moved in. He came from a neighbouring nation, commonly called "the Continuance". You see, after moving in, he was looked down upon due to his ethnicity. Conts were regarded with a nice amount of hatred and fear in the CRs. He was regularly taunted and beaten, whether it be by normal townsmen or the local gang of petty felons and crooks. After a while, Alek became used to it, but certainly did not like it. But one day, a startling radio report sprung up. A recent man-made virus has pandemiced most of the nation. Rumours spread about the neighbouring nation of Continuance. As Alek waits at the edge of town, near the canal, which was also near the road, he heard something. A rustle in the bushes. Or reeds, he thought. This was a canal, not a forests. But these reeds were tall. He began to approach the noise cautiously. He normally would not have done this if he was not plagued with boredom. Suddenly, a hand flung itself out, pulling forward a deformed body with grayed and decayed flesh, that seemed to be eroding for weeks.  It clawed itself towards Alek. He immediately was too shocked to do anything. After about three seconds of simply staring at the mind-numbingly bloodcurdling creature, he turned his back and fled, as fast as he could. He had no idea where he was going. When an indiviudal suffers this much shock, all you want to do is get away, get away... He stumbled across a post in the middle of the road, about half a kilometer from town. Missing persons. And dogs. Dozens. Smiling photos of people he knew, in his heart, were already gone forever. He began to cry due to the terrifying, slightly exaggerated memories of what he saw earlier. Nonetheless, exaggerated or not in his thoughts, the thing had been horrible to look at, and he simply crumbled down next to the Missing Persons post, sobbing. Several men arrived after a while. One of them was Frank Thomasser, the leader of the local "gang" that bedeviled him. He produced a stilleto knife from his belt and began to advance on Alek. Alek looked up, feeling relieved at first, but then realized that criminal intended on doing him harm. He stood up shakily, holding his hands out in front of him and muttering mindlessly for him to go away. It didn't stop him. Alek was stuck in the gut. Even through the intense pain, he could hear Thomasser scream at him. "You freaking commie! Your backwards country did this! You're a spy! You deserve this! You're not supposed to be here!" Alek, however, did not realize the man was actually crying as he said this. The sadness went away, replaced with rage. He yanked the knife from his gut and stuck him once again, like a pig. Thomasser sliced across Alek's belly, disemboweling him and spilling out his guts. Alek convulsed in a pool of blood until he was dead. --- Thomasser and his lackeys sat around the post as well, disoriented just as Alek had been. They had all seen the townsfolk and their familes slaughtered. They had needed to blame somebody. Thomasser didn't feel bad for Alek, even though he knew that he probably wasn't a spy inside. He was just a Cont. That's all that mattered. --- After a while, about a few minutes, several trucks pulled up to the disheartened thugs. Soldiers, men in gas-masks and uniforms with a red insignia on their arm exited the backs of them, armed with machine guns and rifles. Thomasser didn't even look up as his group was sprayed with bullets. --- After the troops had left their corpses, they persumably went on to cleanse the remnants of Yarlet. Alek's, Thomasser's and his friends' bodies were later eaten by several of the creatures that had avoided the earlier military cleanup.

'Tis but a scratch.

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The Coordinator
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Zombies. I like.

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