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Letters From Louis - (Louis Tomlinson LS)-moved

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Chapter 1               “So, you’re telling me it’s been two years and Louis still hasn’t proposed!?” I laughed while sipping at my coffee. It was incredibly cold, which made my teeth numb. “I swear, if he doesn’t pop the question soon, I’m gonna-“               “Marie, calm down!” we were wandering the streets of Doncaster, not really knowing where we were going. Marie’s my best friend and she has been for as long as I could remember. She’s actually the one who got me and Louis together.               It was a Friday and all I wanted to do was go home and cry. I found my boyfriend cheating on me and later got laughed at for it. I felt like the class clown, but I didn’t want the laughs. I snuck off campus and once school was over, Marie called me. “You’ll never believe where I’m taking you next week!” I wiped my tears and cleared my throat.               “Where?”               “To a One Direction concert! With backstage passes!” I stopped moving and lost track of my breathing cycle. “Raechal? Are you there? Are you dead?” I let out a scream and was hushed by my mom a few moments later.               “You just made my life!”               “That’s kind of my job!” We laughed and talked about how we’d decorate our signs and whatever else. “So, what happened today? Why’d you leave so early?” I sighed.               “He’s a jerk who needs to go to go away!” It was silent for a moment and then I heard her giggling. “It’s not funny! I really loved him!”               “Well, I’ll tell you what,” she smacked her tongue. “You and Liam will fall in love, make babies, and live happily ever after!” I chuckled.               “Yeah right! Not with Danielle always on his arm!”               “Stuff happens, Raechal . . . Stuff happens.” I laughed, but jumped when my dad busted in.               “Raechal, who’re you on the phone with!?”               “Marie. Who else?”               “Are you two talking about that silly boy band? I’m telling you right now, it will never happen!” my heart sank, but I think every Directioner has had that feeling.               “No, Dad. We’re talking about homework.”               He nodded. “Very well.” And that was that. He just walked out of the room, with no good bye, and left to work.               “What a jerk,” I sighed. “But, anyway, I’m gonna break up Payzer just so you and Liam can be together.”               “Ha! It’s not like he’d like me anyway.” She snarled.               “I’m gonna kill your father! You’re absolutely amazing and you can’t forget that!” I shook my head, only because she couldn’t see me.               “Whatever.” We talked for a little while longer and that was it. You see, I used to love Liam like crazy! I knew everything you could possibly know about him; I still do! That’s just not how the story goes though.               That week, I went to Marie’s house to work on our posters. We would have gone to my house, but my dad was there and would’ve ripped them or something. She made hers all lame and helped me with mine. Somehow, she made it light up everywhere and anywhere! She really wanted me to get noticed! “Marie, why is yours a lot more different?”               “Because Liam just has to notice you!”               “What about you and Zayn?” she sighed and put her hand on my shoulder.               “You really deserve to get Liam, OK?” I rolled my eyes and nodded. Even if me and Liam did end up together, I didn’t want any of that fangirl hate.               Her mom drove us to the concert. My parents didn’t even know we left early to go. I don’t recall my parents even knowing I went! I caught Marie staring at me on the way there and laughed. “What?”               “I just find it weird how you don’t know you’re beautiful!” she sang the last few words. I laughed and rolled my eyes.               The concert was fantastic! Louis pointed my sign out to Liam and I cried. I basically cried the whole time. Marie just kept laughing though. They read her tweet and she cried. “You hypocrite!” I screamed to her over all the other screams. Sadly, the concert had to end some time, but that just meant we were getting closer and closer to meeting the boys! It was a madhouse just getting backstage though! We were probably the last ones in line and Marie kept complaining.               We got closer and eventually, we saw them fully. Marie shrieked and I just stood there blushing with butterflies in my stomach. We were talking to Harry for a bit before meeting any of the other boys. He tapped my shoulder before we kept moving and I looked up to his beautiful eyes. He pulled me closer to whisper in my ear. “Louis thinks you’re beautiful, love.” I smiled, which made him laugh. It felt amazing knowing that one of them found my attractive, but I wanted it to be Liam.   We were talking to Niall, who was standing next to Zayn. Marie shared laughs with him, but I kept overhearing the other four’s conversation. “Louis, why are you down?” Liam asked. I got chills by the sound of his voice.   “He’s upset about Eleanor cheating on him.”   “Hazza, shut your face!” I giggled by his attitude.   “But you have me, Lewis!” I found it weird how Marie and Niall heard none of that. We were talking to Zayn, but she couldn’t even talk.   “She really likes you.” I said while he signed her CD. He smiled.               “I like me too!” we laughed and she finally got the guts to say something.               “Zayn, can I give you a kiss?”               “On the cheek, love. I wouldn’t want Perrie to see that.” We laughed and she shook with anxiousness as he lips touched his perfect skin.               “Did anyone get a picture of that?” I shook my head, still smiling. “Bloody hell, Raechal!” she stomped her foot and we moved over to Liam. That’s when I couldn’t talk. She repeatedly hit me and all I did was stand there like a rock. “Liam James Payne, this girl loves you with all of her heart and soul and I believe you two were meant to be and I just want her to know she’s beautiful and get a happily ever after like every other love story!” she spoke a million miles an hour. I blushed the most I ever did. All he did was giggled with his adorable smile and nodded. I felt embarrassed and just wanted to die.               “Here, love. You can have a kiss and a hug.” Was he not the sweetest person? He gave me a small peck on the lips, since we were the same age, and an amazing hug.               “Okay, Liam! Save a little for everyone else!” the boys laughed, but of course I felt uncomfortable.               Louis made us laugh like no one else ever has. It was amazing how much better he could make you feel. “What’s your name, love?”               “Raechal.” He smiled.               “Well, you’re rather beautiful, Darling.” I blushed.               “I told you so!” Marie screamed. I jumped, making the boys giggle. “So, Louis, Eleanor cheated?” he sighed and looked away. “Raechal’s boyfriend cheated on her too!” his eyes sort of lit up, but I didn’t want him getting any ideas. It’s not that I didn’t like him or anything; I just wanted Liam more than anything.               “Is that so? Well, I apologize, love. He doesn’t know what he’s missed out on.” I blushed once more and smiled. “Where are you from?”               “Wolverhampton.”               He nodded. “Well, you should come by Doncaster sometime.” I nodded and found Marie looking through the gift we were going to give them.               “What are you doing?” I whispered. She pulled a pen from her purse and started writing something that she wouldn’t let me see. She quickly handed to the bag to Louis and smiled.               “This is for you and the boys, Lou.” He smiled.               “Thanks, babe.” Paul came from out of nowhere and we knew that was our cue to get going. We said our goodbyes to the boys and left screaming in our heads.               It’s crazy to think that we all met that way.               “He actually invited me over to this dinner at his house. His mom and dad are going to be there!” her eyes widened.               “He’s obviously proposing, Raechal!” I shrugged.               “I’ve got nothing to worry about, right?”

Her smile. ♥

DeziRay is Beautiful and Your Argument is Invalid. ♥


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Louis and i were sitting on the couch watching tv and i was on my laptop pullingup u tube vids for us to watch . When louis  asked me to pause it. I was like dont u like this song. He was like Yes i do but then he asked  if he should ask eloner to marry him. i was trying  to be a good friend but i couldnt help but fight back tears YES Marry her i know it will make u happy and ur a good couple. Yes he cried excitiedly i knew you would say yes your the best! thankx i replyed glumply  Frown and then i asked if i could go home he said i could go and that he would text me with the updat. i started to go he gave me a quick hug and smile and nodded THEN I WOKE UP  smile


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