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Chapter 2The night was cold and still young. All of us were making our way to Kat’s house. Kats father was a cop before all of this happened meaning, that’s right, guns and ammo. Kat lead us threw what she had claimed to be a shortcut to her house. “come on its right threw this and up the street.” Kat said pointing ahead.“ Hey Kat?” I asked.“Yes Mikelle?” She said turning back to me still walking forward.“You said you used to see a lot of old hobos around this place right?” I asked.“yeah, why? She asked with a derp plastered on her face. “well then there all zombies now?” I asked. Kat then stopped dead in her tracks and looked back to me almost looking like she was about to cry. Kat had a fear of old men.“why would you say that?!” she asked as tears threatened to spill over her bottom lid. I placed a hand on her shoulder. “because I thought it would be funny” I said with a wide smile on my face.“will you two stop it we need to get to the supplies as soon as possible, we cant risk being attacked by a special infected when we only have these” Fran whispered to us. Marissa and Meagan came from behind her both shaking there heads in agreement. “now how far is you house Kat?” Fran asked looking her strait in the eye. “not to far” she said turning back around to lead the way. We all fallowed after her. It had been 3 weeks after the first infection hit so the city was almost completely wiped out of human population with the exception of us five. We have been surviving only because we had organized what roles we each had to do in order to survive. I was the one to make important dissuasions. Kat was the one who always knew how to get out of situations. Marissa was our navigator. Meagan was our Zombie (including special infected) expert. Fran was the one who thought out battle plans whenever we got stuck or surrounded. This was the only reason we were still one of the living. It had been 3 weeks and we had never had any luck finding real weapons. Guns meant better chance of survival in this kind of life. As we made our way to Kat’s house we talked quietly amongst ourselves, that is until we heard rustling in the bush.“everyone quiet” Fran stopped us.“what is it?” Marissa asked. Fran looked at the brush that was moving.“We have company…” she said in a low voice. To be Continued. >:3


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