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Chapter one.                                                                                I was sitting in our same old flat with my two older                              sisters bored, when Mum came home from work. “Good news girls,” She spoke happily, we all stared at her.  “We are moving… right?” asked Michelle. “That was the bad news, well for you… we are not moving!” she answered. “Yippee!” I screamed. “Pipe down bluebell, we’ll disturb the neighbours and then we will have to move” she said annoyed.   I walked quietly into my bedroom. “Sorry” I whispered and sat on my bed and started on a picture of a bird, I drew his long beak holding a branch with juicy red berries, next I started on his head, then his body, finally his tail. Then I coloured him in. I made him brown and black his beak orange-yellow. I heard the others arguing and wished I could just slip away into my own world, I shook my head, that was impossible, I thought. I heard Michelle stomp into her and Lilly’s room, Michelle was horrible, how could she ever want to move somewhere else, our town was beautiful. I felt my heart tremble with sadness, Lilly obviously heard me and walked into my room. “It’s alright” she comforted me. “No its not!” I cried. She started on all this, we are not moving so it’s good, but I wasn’t listening, I was in my own world, I was thinking                                     About if we did move, if we could move into a beautiful house with white and red and black roses in the garden,   we could have lots of bluebells as well, we would also                         have a robin to keep our garden clean. I heard Lilly shout at Michelle, and I looked up, Michelle was in my room. “Get out, you!” I screamed pushing and kicking her but it was no use, I was so weak, I eventually gave in. I walked into our kitchen and grabbed a Kit Kat and sat in the living room, watching The Simpsons. I soon found myself doodling on the back of one of Mum’s flat payment bills. “Oy, get off you” said mum kindly but sternly. I stopped immediately. “Mum, can I go to Miranda’s house please?” I begged. Miranda and I had recently became friends, it all started when we got paired up in a really fun science lesson. We had to dissect a frog spawn, Miranda and me all thought this was gross, but all the same we did it. We soon found out we agreed on the same things, that’s how it happened, Miranda and I where officially Best friends. “Yes of course you can” said mum. Miranda lived in the flat opposite to us, so it was easy to get there. I knocked on the door, Miranda’s Mum, Jill answered. “Hello Bluebell, I’d expect you’d be wanting Miranda?” She asked. “Yes please” I answered. She led me inside, My ex best friend, Hannah was giggling away with Miranda. “Oh, hi Bluebell” She said. “Hi,” Miranda said as well “Come and sit down with                                 Us” I stared at Miranda and Hannah.                                                                                           How could a beautiful, kind girl like an ugly, mean girl like Hannah? Jill came into the living room with some glasses of lemonade and some sweets, biscuits and fruit. I saw Hannah and Miranda linking arms like me and Miranda do, Miranda took my arm and we took the tray into Miranda’s bedroom, it was covered with posters of pop stars, her bedroom was massive, she had her own desk with a laptop, she had a music player, TV, video and DVD player, we all sat on her bed. “So Bluebell,” Miranda began “what have you been up to today?” “Nothing much, drawing, painting, the usual!” I said. Hanna sniggered. “And…?” Miranda asked happily. That was when I remembered. “Oh yeah…” I began “ I’m not moving house after all!” “Yay” Hannah said sarcastically. “Hey have you two got a problem?” She asked impatiently. I decided I’d better go, before she gets angry. “Oh, I have to go to singing lessons sorry, Bye!” I lied then said goodbye to Jill and Miranda but blocked Hannah. Jill offered me a biscuit and I walked into my flat, once again Michelle and mum where arguing.   “I’m home!” I said and walked into my room, there on my bed was a little, neatly wrapped present and by the side it had a little note.                                    It read: Dear bluebell, I am truly sorry, here’s a present to make it up to you. Love from Hannah.   I opened the present carefully, inside was a box of posh chocolates. I opened them and ate one; it was a lovely creamy caramel one. “You found your present then?” I looked up, it was Mum. “Yeah” I smiled and she sat on my bed and put her arm around me. “Do you want to go to the library with me and Lilly?” She asked. “No thanks, I got homework, where’s Michelle?” I lied. “Out” she replied.   “Come-on, Mum” I looked up again, it was Lilly. I watched out the window as they jumped into our purple Skoda and left, I was on my own. Suddenly my phone rang it was Michelle, she had texted and said she’d be back at 9:30pm. I decided it was time for lunch and walked into the kitchen to make a sandwich, I grabbed two seeded breads and buttered them, I added some cheese and squeezed them together, grabbed Mum’s homemade blueberry muffin and sat in the lounge in time for the teenager news channel to start.                                                                                  On the telly was Miranda’s mum teaching us teens to bake blueberry muffins like my mum, in fact I have a sneaky suspicion she stole my mum’s recipe. Suddenly my phone rang, so I answered it, it was Hannah. “Hi, bluebell!” She said cheerily. “Umm, hi...” I mumbled. “So what’s up?” She said. “Uh, nothing interesting…” I answered. “Oh, so do you want to come over” She asked politely. “Sorry I have got homework to finish” I lied. “Ok bye” she said. “Bye” I answered and hung up.   Strange, she didn’t say anything about my present and little note… I walked to my bedroom to get my stuff ready for school, next day, as I was doing so, I sort of felt sorry for Hannah, I mean I suddenly was hanging out with Miranda, and Hannah’s trying to join in but I am being mean to her to stay friends with Miranda? What sort of a friend is that? Oh well, school tomorrow, I will see her then!                                                   Next day, I grabbed my bag and ran to the bus stop, I didn’t have any breakfast because I was so late, I kept on running. On the way I walked into the Spar and grabbed a KitKat. I ran onto the bus, gave the bus driver the bus money and sat next to Miranda. She smiled. “Hi” she said. “Hey…” I smiled back. “Hi guys” I heard Hannah say as she sat behind us with her older sister. “Hello girls” Smiled Hannah’s older sister Kat. I smiled at them both and looked out the window… I saw Mum’s car drive past us as she drove to work. I smiled; I couldn’t stop smiling for a strange, weird reason. I soon got a sharp dig in the ribs. “Oy, you, come on we are here!” Miranda smiled. “Ha-ha!” I laughed and walked off the bus. I jogged silently towards the school gates and waited patiently for Miranda. We walked into our English lesson and sat down. I was in the middle of Miranda and Hannah talk when Mr. Morrison asked me a question. I smiled and spoke quietly “I’m sorry, I wasn’t quite listening.” “I said where do I put this apostrophe?” He said. “Oh, in between the N and the T!” I smiled.                                                                     Chapter 2     When I got home I sloped on the sofa with Lilly and switched on my mini-pink laptop to check my emails, nothing too good on there, so I went onto my face book account and played a game for about 15 minutes and then Michelle came back from college. She stomped off to her bedroom and I followed but then Lilly stopped me. Suddenly when everyone was calm there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there was Miranda and Hannah. “Hey babes,” Miranda said “Wanna come to the park with me, Hannah and Josh?” “Yeah, sure. Wait there.” I replied. I quickly pulled on some denim shorts, black tights, starry tee-shirt and my leather jacket. I slipped on my trainers and ran out the door. “Shall we go to the Londis and get some sweets?” asked Miranda. We all nodded our heads. We got some double choc chip cookies, 2 bags of haribo’s and four bottles of cokes. It altogether cost £6.37! But we all put our money towards it.                                                           We walked to the park and each sat on a swing, we ate the haribo’s and drank the Coke. We decided to leave the biscuits for later because other wise we would explode. We all walked back to my house and I finally said goodbye. Mum was sitting on the sofa talking on the phone. “Who you talking to?” I mouthed. She ignored me and kept on talking, a smile on her face finally, she hung up. “It was my old school friend, Janette!” She smiled. “Oh, right, what are you cooking” I said, I could smell a lovely smell. “Carrot soap because Jannette’s coming round, isn’t that exciting!!!” She said laughing. “Oh goodie! Can I make a cake then, oh go on, Mum please?” I begged. “Oh fine but be careful and get Lily to help you!” She warned. I pulled out a cake making book and asked Lily to help me. Inside the book there were lots of different Recipes, like, Carrot cake, Mint cake, Orange & chocolate cake e.t.c.                                                    At last I decided to go for a plain sponge cake with flowers but I was thinking on the icing could be written “Welcome to our house Jannette!!” “Hey, Bluebell,” Began Mum. “I saw this beautiful house in the for sale tab in the newspaper, with lots of flowers and trees – 4 bedrooms as well!” “Oh Mum it sounds great but, we are not moving and I never want to move!!!” I cried. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “That’ll be Jannette!” said Mum a bit too loudly. “Oh no! I haven’t finished the cake, don’t let Jannette see me, please!!!” I yelled a bit too loud too! (Oops!) Jannette was really pretty and looked really young for her age, she had a two year old girl and a seventeen year old boy. The girl was called molly and the boy was called Jake. Jannette was wearing black leggings underneath a white top with a purple flower, she was wearing lovely, black heels, Jannette had long wavy blonde hair. Molly was wearing some jeans and a pink top she had straight black hair just to her shoulders. Jake was wearing some jeans and a blue top, he had straight, floppy black hair like Molly. “Oh hello bluebell, you look really nice and very grown-up for a 12 year old.” She was acting like I was 2 years old myself.   I was only wearing some skinny jeans and a purple top with white pumps but I just smiled and said thanks, Molly was surprisingly good, she was sitting up like a                                            6 year old rather than a two year old. I walked back to the kitchen and got the cake out of the oven, I spread butter icing all over the cake then I iced some pink icing saying  “Welcome to our house, Jannette, Jake & Molly!” Because I wasn’t expecting her to have kids, I put the cake in the fridge to cool, then 15 minutes later I got it out. I brought the cake out and everyone went ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ and then Jannette asked “Did you do that yourself sweetie?” “Yes, of course!!!” I smiled. I sliced a big slice for mum and Jannette, a medium for Jake and a massive slice for me; I gave a bit of it to Molly. I was just chatting to Jake when the door bell rang. “I’ll get it!!” I said and ran to the door. “Hi,” Smiled the new girl at school, Sam “Can I come in please, it’s something urgent” I was slightly worried so I said “Sure, Sam lets go to my room” As we entered, she said “Wow, amazing paintings, Bluebell, so unique!” I was really pleased she liked them so I replied “Really you like them?” “Of course, they are amazing,” She sighed “I wish I was as artistic as you!” “Well your good at English, and I am rubbish at English!” “We are both bad at maths, without doubt!” I smiled. She explained that her parents are getting divorced and needs to stay at someone’s house for a couple of days to recover by the shockingly sad news. Just as I was about to ask mum if she could stay over, my pocket vibrated, I got a text from… Hannah! It read: Plz, I gave you chocies, I spoke to Miranda, I want 2 b ur bezzie again J[i]xx please? ^.^ !

LiCkEtY sPiT XxX

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Good story. Those girls really wanted to move house. :P

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Really good! Are you from Europe though?I was just curious because like mum and stuff like that. It sounds Europish to me! lol

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