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Black Veil Brides fanfic!

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Christi's point of view
I awoke to my brother shaking me. "Get up Chwisti!" He said, his brown hair in my nose. Okay, I have to wake up to my 'cute' four year old brother. When no-one's home and it's just me and him, he's like the devil. "Okay Sam! Shoo!" I muttered. I got up and threw some clothes on. A black t-shirt and black skinny jeans. I walked downstairs, grabbed a banana. As I walked out the door, icy-cold air hit my face. Man! I forgot a coat! I thought regretfully. I can't go get a coat now, since I can see the bus. I ran to the end of the driveway, and walked onto the bus. I sat down in my seat, took out my iPod, and turned the sound up all the way. One of my bullies, and yes I say my, because I'm special.. not, sat across from me. She said something to me, but I couldn't hear her because of how loud my music was. The bus jerked to a stop, and I walked into school. in front of locker, I saw someone hand tape to another person. When they saw me coming, they ran away. Okay.. When I saw my locker, I saw why they ran away. There were papers saying things such as 'Emo'.  I ripped them off of my locker. I heard chuckling since I took my earbuds out,  Why am I the only one in this school they torment anyway? Why can't I be someone else for a change? Someone who is liked? 
The next thing I knew, Jake Pitts was over me. "You alright dude?" "Yeah! You randomly passed out! What the fridge is with that?" Ashley asked. Why were they asking me? Why am I not at school?
Chapter two
Andy's POV:
This is weird. My back wasn't against something cold about ten minutes ago. I looked up, to see locker. "What the fudge?" I then slapped my hand over my mouth. definitely don't sound like that! I thought frantically. 
  I got up quickly, looking around. "Hey Emo! You look fine today!" Someone mocked. "You talking to me?" I asked. "Yeah. You're such a freak." "Nice comeback, stupid person, 'cause I don't care what you think," I replied, and then walked away, not caring if I was walking to the wrong class.#########! You're  going the wrong way! Art's this way!" Some kid yelled. "How do I know you're not just joking with me?" I asked, wheeling around on my foot. "Well, you don't look like someone who would make fun of me," I speculated. "Christi, I'm your best friend, remember?" I shook my head. "It's probably because I'm not Christi. You like Black Veil Brides?" I asked. The guy nodded. "Yeah! They're my idols. You introduced me to them!" "No, Christi did. Not your idol, Andy Biersack. Kid, I'm not Christi, I'm the lead singer for Black Veil Brides." The guys eyes widened, and he stuttered, "W-well, I-I'm D-Drake. I love your b-band,"

~Music Lover

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