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What The Heck is a Paracosm???

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Posted over 5 years ago

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So to start things off, you must be thinking, "What the heck am I doing here?!" or maybe, "Hmm.. I do wonder what a paracosm is Frustrated." The wonderful news is that I can answer both of those! ^_^ First of all, you got here because it was pure destiny! This was meant to happen! Big Grin not really Tongue Out i can only read your mind if I know you well enough. So sorry. But for your second question, a paracosm is a prolonged fantasy world invented by children; can have a definite geography and language and history. I found this while wondering aimlessly through the dictionary website after me and my mother were trying to find a 'word of the day' to enhance our vocabulary Tongue Out. Yes, we're that kind of family smile. So this got me wondering. What really is a paracosm? I tried to come up with a few examples of my own and I shall list them and give my reasoning as well smile So think about some examples yourself because this is fun and I wanna see how many people can think of! Gracias! (I don't really speak Spanish ._.)

Alice in Wonderland - (This was the first thing that came to mind because I'm absolutely obsessed with it :P) This story has all the elements! *Geography* The land in which Alice had created was immense and so incredibly diverse that you never stay in one place for too long, you're well on you're way moving again before you know it! *Language* The language aspect would be that there are many made-up words in Wonderland. And not knowing what they mean would just get you even more lost in the unfamiliar massive world. *History* You don't really think about it but Wonderland probably has history being that it's governed by the Queen of Hearts.

Peter Pan - (I'm sorry to say but I actually don't know that much about the Peter Pan story :p I've seen the movie but I was too young to make actual sense of it.) *Geography* I don't really know what the geography would be like but I know there's a ship and pirates involved so I'm guessing an island of some sort?? haha I don't know :p I'm trying here. *Language* I guess their own language would be British? :/ *History* I think Peter is supposed to save Neverland or something and he does so the history could be that Before and After Neverland was saved =) that's good enough for me! If you people know more please let me know ._.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Okay, so I personally love this one as well :p huge fan and even bigger nerd B) ANYWAY! *Geography* I would say that the whole world in which the characters live is a form of geography because you have you the Air nomads, Water tribes, Earth Kingdom, and the Fire nation. They all have very distinct geographical differences. *Language* Of course in the cartoon they speak English :p but in their world it's considered Chinese I believe (If my memory serves me correctly). *History* The whole series is made-up history :p. There's just so much information I'm not even gonna spell it out for you. But you get the picture :) So help me out peoples! What other examples can you think of? :)

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