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A random Fan-Fic of Young Justice

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Posted over 5 years ago

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Boredness Oc one-shot

  I made my way towards a phone booth, or what is really a Zeta-Tube to Mount Justice. I was wearing my normal outfit; my gray converse, red jeans, my dark gray hoodie, and my dark shades which covered my dark blue eyes.. My short hair fell along my shoulders, draping them swiftly as a gust of wind pushed past me. Apparently, I was being accepted into the new Young Justice team. A man the other night, whom I believe the news man said was Batman or something, said he was inducting me in the team. But their was something odd about this batman, he had blue wings draped across his chest, and no cape. I had just merely nodded as he smirked, then told me where to meet him-- or where to go in if he wasn't there. 

  I gulped slightly as a slight smirk crossed my face. I had a red plaid duffle bad on my side as a bright blinding light appeared before me. I blinked furiously a few times before feeling an odd sensation. Next thing I new, I was being looked at by a few other people. A couple looked my age, while others looked way older. I fixed my gaze on the man I had seen the other night, then walked cautiously forward. I examined the people before me, causing me to smile slightly. I admit, only two of them looked my actual age, but the rest looked bewildered. "Hello, Thunder Frost" I heard a voice greet me, then the man gesture for me to come forward. I nodded meekly before rubbing my arm, then walked forward.  

"Team, this is Thunder Frost. She is your new teammate. By the way, I'm Nightwing." The man introduced me, then himself. I began to smirk, then felt a bit shy. I looked at Nightwing, then back at the team I was supposed to be joining. I examined the none of the team, then saw a boy in the back stand up a bit taller, and look over the other dudes shoulder. Another green boy did the same, except he was smiling. I grinned, then turned to a boy, who looked like a younger, spitting image of Superman. I grinned wider, that was Superboy. I waved my hand to him, receiving a blank look coming from his face. I shrugged.   I looked at the team again, walking forward. "Uh... Hi; I'm Isabella, your new teammate." I confirmed gently, reaching a hand out for someone to shake. A girl who was wearing what looked like a bee suit leaned forward, about to grab my hand. "Hello, Thunder Frost, I'm--" She started, but was then cut off by the boy who was wearing red, and looked about my age grabbing my hand, and calling out "Robin!" He then coughed slightly, then shook my hand. "I'm Robin, I mean. Over there is Beast-Boy," he started off, pointing to the green boy, who smiled warmly at me. "That's Lagoon Boy, Bee, Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl, and Batgirl." He introduced, pointing to each one as they nodded or waved to me. 

  I shifted my gaze to Nightwing, seeing him smile gently, a laugh softly so no one could hear. I cocked an eyebrow at him, but then realized Robin was still holding my hand. I smirked slightly, looking into his eyes, then looking at my hand. He suddenly let go, rubbing the back of his neck. "Come on, Thunder Frost, let me show you to your room." A woman who's skin was green told me, gesturing for me to follow her. I smiled at her, then followed her as she led me down a slim hallway. She showed me a room that was furnished, but no occupants inside. "This'll be your room." She stated, causing me to grimace slightly. She must've known about my mother and father passing away, and me being by myself.   I nodded at her, "thanks." Then turned to the bed. She left, giving me one more reassuring smile, then leaving me alone in my bedroom. I stood up, undressing and grabbing my duffle bag. I slipped on my black hoodie-shirt, which had Netherlands left sleeve cut off; then I put on my black pants, my belt, my black finger-less gloves, then put on my domino mask that covered my eyes. I leant down, and put on my dark boots that reached my knees, and took out my quiver and bow cautiously. I jumped slightly as I heard a swift knock at the door, causing me to turn around. I took a steel arrow, and poised it as the door opened automatically. 

  Behind the door was the boy, who was apparently Robin. He smiled warmly at me, then walked inside. "Just came to say hi." He said, as if nervous. "Looks like your not feeling the aster." I confirmed, smirking as I held my bow up still. I had done my research on the old Robin, and found out a few things. He liked playing with words, and making them the opposite meaning. I had remembered him saying aster before in one of my moms old stories of being saved by him. It had only been five years since he saved her, and one since they both died in a blazing fire. Robin looked surprised, his eyes widening behind his mask. "Did your research, I see." He confirmed, making his way into my new room. 

  I smiled, laughing gently as I laid my bow down. "You know, your not alone." He said gently, causing me to grimace once again. My father talked like that. He must've heard the story, and how I went rogue when they died. I heaved a sigh. "I know, I have a boy wonder to help me through." I teased, walking up next to him. I was good inch taller than him, and smirked. He nodded at me, smiling. I out my arm up and messed up his hair;   

"y'know, I'm taller." 



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