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The Key

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April 2012

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Posted about 4 years ago

          Im standing on the bridge just staring that the water below.The tips of my blue high top converse sneakers are hanging off the edge. My silk, short, black sleeveless dress with the white flower lace around the waist is flowing because of the wind. My mascara is running down my freckled face. My hair is flying everywhere and I’m shivering because of how hard I’m crying. The cars on the bridge are zooming by. Down below the water is dark blue and really choppy. There are two boxes in my hand. One is red with pink flowers and one is dark blue with black strips. I put the blue one on the wall I’m standing on and I open the red one. Inside are my mothers ashes. I whisper some lyrics from one of the moms songs that she used to sing to me:

“Fate is kind,

She brings to those who love.

The sweet fulfillment of,

Their secret longing.


Like a bolt out of the blue,

Fate steps in and sees you through.

When you wish upon a star,

Your dreams come true.”

          I cry even harder as I drop the first box down. I see is falling getting smaller as it gets closer to the ground. Finally it disappears and i cry so hard i stumble a little almost falling off the bridge myself. I pick up the blue box and open it. Inside is a letter.

          Dear Chloe,

If you’re reading this than I am dead. I don’t know what my last words to you were but I’m sorry if they were not as dramatic and respecting as you might have wished. Under this letter is a key. Keep it safe and don’t let anyone else touch it. You never know who your friends are.


With all the love in the world,



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