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To Love, To Lose, To Self-abuse ♥

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-SilverSunrise-_2306583 Lock
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November 2012

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Posted about 4 years ago
Is true love a disguise?
Is it merely depression?
The tears that I’ve cried,
The fights, the aggression.
These affairs of the past
Leave me deep in remorse,
Make me question my path,
And make me question my course.
Sweet dreams fill my head,
But then I wake up alone.
The words left unsaid,
The laughs and the groans,
They all make me wonder,
Now, where am I headed?
Death? Torture? Blunder?
A life that I’ve dreaded.
But there must be a way
To fix what’s been broken,
To plead and to beg?
Say all the words left unspoken?
But no, it’s too late.
I waited too long.
I don’t expect her to wait.
In my eyes, she’s gone.
Why do I still breathe?
My life has no meaning.
The thought of her kills me.
So harsh, so demeaning.
And the people just tell me,
“You’ll find love someday.”
But I’m too deep in misery,
Regret, and delay.
Every day, I fall apart.
And yet I still can’t forget her.
She’s trapped in my heart,
Where I’ll love and protect her.
To her, that’s a lie.
She’s already past me.
I’ll cut and I’ll cry,
But it won’t change reality.
There’s only one thing to live for,
The one reason I breathe
Is the thought of her happiness…
Even if she’s not sharing it with me.
I’m  hopeless and vain.
She deserves so much better.
For me, this is pain.
But for her, it’s all pleasure.
So if he makes her strong,
If he makes her feel loved,
I won’t cause any harm.
And I won’t interrupt.
I’ve hurt her once.
I won’t hurt her again.
I’ll keep her happy and safe,
Even if she forgets who I am.
I’ll stand off to the side,
Making sure she’s alright.
Though my love was denied,
I’ll be her secret Knight.
So to love,
To lose,
To self-abuse.
These things should not be forgotten,
They should be pursued. 

Sorry. I kind of went off of my ABAB rhyme scheme at points.
I hope you guys still liked it. I know it's kind of weird. And it wound up being a million times longer than I intended. Sometimes, I just lose myself in poetry... especially when I'm writing about my ex.

~ Romeo ♥

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Member since:
November 2012

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Posted about 4 years ago
Nice, I guess.   smile smile

Imma Bunny

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Member since:
January 2012

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Posted about 4 years ago

"ChanelsWorld" wrote:

Nice, I guess.   smile smile

Good job. c:

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