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  The House of Darkness was a very disturbing place. Legend has it, that a 12-year-old girl was trapped in the house. Now her "soul" rests in the house and will trap anyone else that dares to go inside. The teenage boys of Herpderpsberg always say that your not a man until you go into the house. Which is very unfortunate for young 10-year-old Simon who hanged out with his brother and his untrustworthy friends one Tuesday morning.
  "C'mon! What are you? A wimp?!" said one of the boys Simon was hanging out with. "You'll never be a man unless you go in the house."
  Simon knew that going in the house was a bad thing to do, but he really wanted to fit in. So he dared himself to go in. Before he went to the front porch, though, he heard one of the boys say to the others," He's totally gonna scream and run out like a little girl out of the house once he steps a foot in that house!" That boy was also holding a video camera on his left hand, which was very easy to notice. Simon got frustrated at the boys; so he barged into the house with no hesitation and locked the old metal doors behind him, so that he wouldn't escape.
  It was dark. Very dark. So dark that he couldn't see his feet below him. But he knew that the darkness wasn't going to stop him. So he got out his cell phone, which gave out only a faint light source. It will only be for a little while. Simon thought to himself. He skimmed the whole first floor and all he found that was useful was an oil lantern, an oil jar, and some tinderboxes. He had no idea how to use any of those items, but he figured out how to turn on the lantern, which was conveniently half full with oil.
  Simon then searched the upper floor. While looking in the dusty, old rooms, there was a banging sound coming from the cellar, or the lowest part of the house. He quickly walked down the old, creaky stairs, which felt like they were going to break, and went down the main hall. Just before he could move, his lantern turned off; and he quickly refilled it with his oil. Afterwards, he walked down the long corridor. He could still hear the banging beneath him, but louder. What is that noise coming from? Is someone down there?He thought to himself. To get a closer feel on what was down there, he put his ear to the floor. The banging seemed clearer and sounded like an iron door being broken... Or at least trying to be broken.
  After walking a long distance from the beginning of the hall, Simon finally reached to the end and found a wooden door that supposedly leaded to the banging noise. He opened the door and entered the cold, dark cellar. Simon really wanted  to leave but he knew he put himself up to this task, so he continued down the cellar. He could hear the banging noise very close now, that his head was starting to hurt.... That's when he found the door. It was on the edge of breaking.
   Simon got close to the door and asked "H-Hello? I-Is anyone th-there?" in a scared tone.           
There was no reply.
He asked again!
There still was no reply, but there was still a banging.
  Just then, one of the hinges flew off the door... Then the other. Suddenly, the door broke. Revealing a human-like figure, with womanly structures, standing in front of him. It had thorns wrapped around its body, along with a rope wrapped tightly around its neck; with blood covering its cuts. It also had a bags under its eyes, like it never slept in its life, and was wearing bandages that covered its chest and upper part of its thighs.
  It looked at Simon with its eyes squinting before saying, "Who are you?" in a raspy voice, but its mouth wasn't moving.
  Without any reply from Simon, it swung its bloody, chained arm at him, giving Simon a scar on his right cheek. Simon then screamed in terror and ran back up to the main floor, and closed the door to the cellar. He then calmed down and rested for at least three seconds before the "monster" bashed through the wooden door without any haste. He ran as fast as he could, but Simon could hear its raspy breathing and could hear it yell,'' GET BACK HERE!!" He then ran faster than he did before, but the floor beneath his feet broke making him stuck and vulnerable to the monster.
The monster purposely ran into him, making him brake his ankle. Simon cried in pain and terror, then fell to the floor. He was so close to the entrance! Too close..... He thought it was over, but he didn't give up!! He pulled his foot out of the hole and hopped to the metal door. Simon fidgeted with the door, but it was stuck! He then realized that he locked the door when he first came in. He unlocked the door, but before he could even open the door, the monster pulled him away and slashed his chest which ripped his shirt and his skin, leaving him bleeding. He screamed and slid down the door to roll up into a ball and cry (*Wow...*).
  In the outside of the house, the boys heard a scream and they got worried. So they ran to open the door. When they did so, the first thing they saw was the monster. They screamed and grabbed Simon out of the house and closed the door; but the monster caught the door and threatened , "Don't you EVER come back" with an angry glare and slammed the door shut.
  They rushed Simon to the hospital where he was healed; and they never came near the House of Darkness ever again.... 


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nice story! i liked the beginning a lot.


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Dang that was scary i could picture the monster omg!


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