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Israel and Hamas in Egypt for Peace talks

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Egyptian mediators began separate talks on Monday with Hamas and with Israel to flesh out details of a ceasefire agreed last week that ended eight days of fighting in  Gaza

An Egyptian official told Reuters the talks would discuss Palestinian demands for the opening of more Israeli crossings into Gaza - a move that would help end six years of blockade of the coastal enclave ruled by the Islamist Hamas.

The Egyptian-brokered ceasefire came into force last Wednesday, ending hostilities between the two sides that cost the lives of 167 Palestinians and six Israelis.

Israel moved the WarShips away from Gaza to let Gazians fish 6 miles  Max off the Coast

Israel has now opened up the Border Crossings to let Food and Medical Aid from Israel to go into Gaza.

What Has Gaza Done for Peace? Nothing

Israel is now letting them fish

Israel has now let the farmers farm 3 more miles into Israel

Israel Left Gaza and gave it up

All they do is complain and complain and attack the peaceful Israelis.

BUT they wont lift a finger for peace.

Biblical Resurcher,Rabbi

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